CALA language and yoga classes are based on proven principles of pedagogy and brain research.  We welcome you to read more about the research that guides CALA language and yoga classes.

actfl_icon   Guidelines for Language Education
  • Understand why CALA and other leading educators advocate a new paradigm for teaching and learning language--one that focuses on comprehensible input and real-world communication.  CALA provides this summary drawing from research and perspectives in the Language Educator, a key publication of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

  • Related documents:  ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines (2012) | ACTFL Can-Do Statements (2015)
revolution_icon   CALA Leads the Language-Learning Revolution:  Press Release | Full Article
  • Learn more about why and how CALA combines interactive methods and brain research to create a uniquely effective recipe for language learning.
jensen_icon   "Teaching with the Brain in Mind"
  • Dr. Shelley Thomas, founder of CALA, completed a three-year certification program in brain-based teaching and learning from the prestigious Jensen Learning Corporation.  All CALA courses are taught using "brain compatible" techniques that make learning easy, fun, and long-term.  Here, Dr. Thomas summarizes materials from a key Jensen workshop. 
mcnair_icon   "Increasing International Interest Requires a Quantum Leap in Methodologies for Learning World Languages"
  • Published in McNair Research Review (Vol. V, Summer 2007), this article summarizes the rationale for CALA's use of hands-on, interactive tools like TPR/TPRS and the creation of the Summer Language Institute.
ijflt_icon   "CALA Test Scores:  Another Look at the Value of Implicit Language Instruction through Comprehensible Input"  IJFLT Journal  |  Full Article
  • Read more about research support, including scores on nationally standardized tests, that validate the use of "whole language instruction" through comprehensible input--such as that used by CALA [publication in International Journal of Foreign Language Teaching (IJFLT), December 2014].
Washington Post   "The wrong and right way to learn a foreign language"
  • Stephen Krashen, professor emeritus at the University of Southern California and renowned linguist, discusses with the Washington Post why comprehensible input is the best way to facilitate second language acquisition.
yoga_icon   "Yoga and Meditation:  Review of Current Research"
  • CALA yoga classes offer instruction and practice in the Indian tradition.  This research review highlights how current research now demonstrates what this tradition has espoused for centuries--that yoga and meditation are invaluable tools for promoting human health and well-being.

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