Testimonials - American Sign Language Classes

Here are just a few testimonials from CALA's recent American Sign Language (ASL) classes:

"I have a woman on my caseload who is deaf and understands sign.... When I visited her last month I had such a great visit!  She was thrilled I could communicate with her!"  --Katy C., Social Worker

"[Haley] was awesome!  Very patient and nice!  She really knew the language and was obviously very passionate about it!"  --Gabrielle M., University Student

"I found the methods to be very effective.  I was able to remember what I learned very quickly."  --Scott C., Latin Teacher

"The methods made it fun and easy to learn.  I felt I could understand and I made a connection with the signs."  --Rebekah S., Account Manager

"[What I liked most] was the camaraderie with my fellow students.  They were the best!  So FUN!"  --Hillary S., Registered Nurse

"Haley is informative, experienced, and vivid in her explanations as to why signs follow specific gestures. She helps imprint the signs by relating to our everyday conversations."  --Sarah P., Executive Aide

"I think the [methods] have been very helpful, fun, and creative! I like that a lot of time was spent on review and focusing on trouble spots."  --Lani B., Cashier

"I loved Haley! She is very laid back and relaxed, which put me at ease. She was so kind and patient as we learned."  --Mindi S., Executive Assistant

"Haley is the bomb.com!"  --Megan V., Customer Service Representative


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