Testimonials - Chinese Language Classes

Here are just a few testimonials from recent Chinese classes at the CALA Summer Language Institute:

"The classes are very engaging and effective for helping a novice learner feel more comfortable with a new language."  --Delia B., K-12 Language Teacher

"I loved [Helen]--she did a great job . . . . I liked how it was hands-on and how there were fun activities"  --Lindsey B., High School Student

"[The methods] were very fun and [the content] easily remembered.  [The class] was very effective."  --Tyler B., High School Student

"The class didn't stress me . . . and that helps . . . learning a language."  --Don S., High School Student

"I stayed engaged for hours at a time!!!  I learned so much [more than] what I thought I’d learn.  I expected to count and learn greetings.  I can learn those on a website.  I learned how the language works and how to begin using it!"  --Sienna H., High School English Teacher


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