Testimonials - Dance Classes

Here are just a few testimonials from recent dance classes offered by CALA:

"I took a dance class with Tanamayi and it was such a positive experience. She talked us through all of the dance steps in sections, showed us how to do each step, and then did the steps with us. I’m not the most coordinated person, but she made me feel like a dancer! The entire experience was fun, positive, and energizing. I loved it!"
--Martha Sumner, Project Manager, NE

"Tanamayi graced us with her amazing dance skills at a summer camp I attended. She expanded our knowledge and showed us different styles of dances like Garba, Kannada Folk, Bollywood, etc. Her choreography was amazing and her grace was unmatchable. Tanamayi taught us all the steps with a lot of patience."
--Keerthana, High School Student, Florida, US

"I hadn't learned dance until I started with Tanamayi. I really enjoyed learning with her. She choreographed the dances in a way that challenged my abilities, but I also had fun. In a few months' time, I gained confidence to overcome my stage fear. I choreographed a dance, performed in front of my classmates, and taught them a few dance steps."
--Aditi, High School Student, Netherlands

"I had taken a dance course with Tanamayi earlier this year while having chemo treatment to keep my brain and body coordination somewhat normal. She was very thorough in guiding the class through slow steps for several sessions, ensuring that each student understood the dance moves and the mood before she demonstrated and danced the entire song with us. I felt like a dancer, even though chemo was challenging my brain at that time. I really enjoyed it and look forward to more."
--Shanti D., Retired Secretary, Florida, US

"Tanamayi was a wonderful teacher! I truly did not know how to dance or even anything about it. Tanamayi was very patient with us and taught us so much in so little time. She made dance very enjoyable!
--Ashwika, High School Student, Florida, US

"Tanamayi is a very graceful dancer. Knowing how to dance gracefully and how to teach those dance skills is really important for a teacher. Tanamayi is excellent at imparting her dancing skills. She makes the class very interesting with her complete and total involvement in dancing. I am really grateful to have found Tanamayi to teach dance to my niece."
--Madhavi, Mother, Florida, US

"I didn't have any dance experience, but I had so much fun learning different dance forms, including Indian folk dances. She made the dances seem fun and effortless. Her love for dance was apparent in the way she taught us. She is very friendly and understanding."
--Tarini, High School Student, Florida, US

"I’m retired, so I want to continue to keep my body and mind active. The dance course I took with Tanamayi fit the bill: It was a fun way to get exercise and learn about a different culture directly from the teacher’s first-hand experience. Learning the dance in small segments with the possibility of rewatching enabled me to get mastery over each segment before moving on at my own pace. The personal anecdotes Tanamayi told of her life in India, the charming meanings behind the movements, and the beautiful venues she danced in all made this feel like much more than a dance class. It was personally enriching, and I look forward to taking another course with her soon."     
--Shelley T., Retired French Professor, Murfreesboro, TN

"Tanamayi has good teaching skills. She helps people when needed and helps us learn things that may be hard to understand. She is a very patient instructor. If someone doesn't get a certain dance move, she goes over it until they understand it. She is a great dancer. She has graceful movements and can do complicated steps with precision."
--Yashwin, Middle School Student, Florida, US


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