Testimonials - German Language Classes

Here are just a few testimonials from recent German classes at the CALA Summer Language Institute:

"The CALA method is . . . effective . . . because it focuses more on increasing one's knowledge in a stable manner, rather than just throwing a bunch of concepts and vocabulary at students and hoping that they catch some of them.  It was all about a strong foundation."  --Duncan M., Recent College Graduate

"I'm amazed at how low-stress the method is--it's so enjoyable!  I feel like I'll retain the vocabulary thanks to the contextualizing of the lessons."  --Anonymous

"[What I liked most was] retaining/learning things that I have struggled with for 4 years."  --Holden A., High School Student

"[The methods] work the best out of everything I have seen so far.  It is also the most fun I have had learning [a] foreign language."  --Scott A., High School Student

"I am taking [a second semester college] German class . . . I feel more confident entering into the fall semester."  --James M., College Student


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