Testimonials - Latin Language Classes

Here are just a few testimonials from recent Latin classes at the CALA Summer Language Institute:

"Jason was extremely knowledgeable, patient, active and positive. He was constantly engaged, and one can really tell that he wants his students to learn.  I learned so much.  This class was fun and challenging, but not in any way overwhelming.  I liked that Jason was constantly changing our activities and doing new things"  --Jessi Bohan, MTSU M.A.T. Graduate Student

"It was exciting when I was able to make sense of the things that were being discussed in Latin."  --Alonzo S., Graduate Student

"[The instructor was] full of energy and variety.  [He] brought the material to life very convincingly."  --Fred M., Latin Teacher

"[Jason] is the best instructor I've ever had.  He was amazing and fun.  I learned so much, and it stuck in my brain."  --Lindsay, Middle School Student (Murfreesboro)

"He was awesome.  If I struggled with something he helped me with it and he really stuck to the 'Golden Rule.'"  --Kaitlin J., Public School Guidance Counselor

"Fantastic!  Easy-going, calm demeanor, well-prepared.  No pressure at all, which makes the experience pleasant.  Excellent instructor!  He provides as much room as needed for questions and clarity.  His calm, easy-going demeanor, takes pressure off learning.  Couldn't ask for a better language teacher for me."  --Tiffany V., Freelance Writer and Marketing Agent


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