Testimonials - Teacher Training Workshops

Here are just a few testimonials from recent teacher training workshops offered by CALA:

"Loved the “hands on” practice that was incorporated into the agenda.  So often professional development doesn’t provide an opportunity to practice techniques presented.  It makes for much more confidence to go home and apply material, research and strategies learned!  Merci beaucoup!" 
--Betsy T., Battleground Academy

"I feel really inspired to try these activities in my classroom.  I felt like I had been in a
bit of a rut with my teaching, especially with my students with no prior experience in the language.  This will help all of my students with acquisition, and make the class more fun!"  --Holly H., Battleground Academy

"Super!  Jam-packed, but logically structured so to not overwhelm.  Perfectly paced so that the 2 days were adequately rich without being over taxing--cognitively or in terms of attention"  --Kris C., Franklin Road Academy

"I am blown away by the amount of French I acquired in such a short time!  I knew no French prior to this workshop, and I was able to write 101 words in French during the 5 minute free write - WOW!!  I cannot wait to use the skills I learned with my Spanish students!"  --Christin C., Grace Christian Academy

"I am dying to learn how to craft stories on my own for use in my classes!  I wish we had time to do this during [this level of] workshop.  This may very well be what I need to combat the burn out I’ve experience in recent years!" 
--Becky S., Franklin Road Academy

"The workshop is totally new training for me.  It’s so practical.  Thanks . . . I hope [to]  know more about TPR/TPRS, especially when our teaching process gets further [along]."  --Stephanie W., The Webb School

"I felt that the workshop achieved two ends for me.  Firstly, I would really like to try to acquire a new language other than the one I teach.  Learning this way makes me feel like this is possible as a working adult.  Secondly, I feel emboldened by the content here and that I need to do a better job incorporating this content/ methodology into my classroom practice.  I have learned a lot about TPRS over the years, but have never fully seen how to use these techniques.  Now, I know that I need to trust the value and effectiveness of this methodology.  MERCI!"  --Nathan A., The Webb School

"This has been a wonderful time for the Webb School and its facilities."
--Jason Simpson, The Webb School

"I love studying TPRS and CI!  They are so effective and useful.  It’s always good to get a refresher and get new ideas for strategies.  Thanks for a wonderful 2 days!"
--Kristen L., Durham Public Schools

"Thanks so much!  This was inspiring, engaging and helpful!"  
--Ashlee H., Battleground Academy

"Thank you again for making the professional development at the teacher in-service day fun!  It felt like French wasn’t hard to learn.  It was taught well, it was fun, and easy to learn."  --Anonymous participant at Workshops 1-2

"Excellent / Super!  I love this . . . . I enjoyed it.  I am a slow processor but even with that I understood and acquired." 
--Anonymous participant at TESOL conference for teachers in response to demonstration of CALA language teaching techniques

"I really loved [observing the CALA language class] and this [workshop] was like the 'method behind the madness.'  I loved it!"  
--Anonymous participant at comprehensible input workshop offered at the CALA Summer Language Institute.

"The [learning materials] were very clear and . . . I appreciate having all the resources used during the workshop available for me.  It was very helpful to see the TPRS method in a live class!  All the techniques, methods and strategies learned this week will serve me well in my first year or teaching and beyond!"  --Lori T., ESL Teacher, Montgomery County, TN

"I really loved this workshop.  I have never had any professional development this great!  The workshop has helped me shape my idea of teaching and how to engage students.  The explanation of why the brain does what it does was very informative.  The coaching and questions/answers sessions were very beneficial in helping me understand the process of comprehensible input.  I think that it is a shame that other individuals in the world languages (or any subject, for that matter) do not take your workshop!"  
--Nadine R., German Teacher, Montgomery County, TN

"[The facilitator] was amazing and very sensitive to our needs.  I was very happy to have the chance to model [and] practice what we learned."  --Anne M., Spanish Teacher, Warren County, TN

"[The facilitator] did an amazing job at identifying and addressing our specific needs.  He was really enjoyable to listen to.  [What I liked most was learning] practical things I can use immediately."  --Linda T., Spanish Teacher, Warren County, TN

CALA offers in-service workshops on the teaching and learning of world languages [including English as a Second Language (ESL)] based on brain research.  Subject matter can be tailored to meet the needs of schools and/or their counties or districts.  Please contact us at acceleratedacquisition@gmail.com to discuss a workshop that is just right for you! 


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