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 What is Assurance of Learning?


The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International, or simply AACSB) has tasked its member institutions – and institutions aspiring to membership in AACSB – to document and articulate the Impact that those business schools have on their various constituencies through the three traditional pillars of higher education: teaching, research, and service.  Assurance of Learning is the process through which we, the faculty, staff, and administration of the Jones College of Business, demonstrate the Impact of our teaching activities as they relate to our students’ learning, professional preparation, and career success. 

A major part of Assurance of Learning is Assessment – measuring student learning relative to appropriate learning benchmarks.  Assessment processes underpin Assurance of Learning, but Assurance of Learning is much more than just Assessment.  Assurance of Learning (AoL) also involves gathering information related to student, faculty, administrator, employer, and other stakeholder perceptions of the learning process and its outcomes.  Most importantly, AoL involves using all the data that is gathered to improve student learning and Student Success.

AoL is not something that the Jones College is doing simply to satisfy AACSB; rather, the Jones College recognizes that Student Success begins with a solid foundation of teaching and learning, which is a hallmark of Middle Tennessee State University.

You can read more about AACSB’s expectations regarding AoL HERE

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