The Center for Health and Human Services

The Center for Health and Human Services (CHHS) partners with public agencies, private for- and not-for-profit organizations, and MTSU faculty and students to advance the health and well-being of Tennesseans and promote healthy communities.  From 2001 - 2015, CHHS in partnership with the Adams Chair of Excellence in Health Care Services, which founded the Center in 1993, received over $7 million in grants and contracts to conduct or facilitate research, communications, education, and training across the spectrum of public health issues of importance to Tennessee and at the national level.  As of 2015, CHHS has operated independently and received an additional $18 million in funding to implement projects ranging in duration from several months to more than a decade, with first-time funding from multiple federal agencies and development of multi-state partnerships and collaborations.   


The MTSU Center for Health and Human Services seeks to shape a healthier future and advance the health and well-being of Tennesseans. We do this through innovation and collaboration on evidence-based research and projects addressing Tennessee's most pressing public health priorities.


The Center for Health and Human Services at MTSU facilitates, through strategic partnerships, collaborative public health research and outreach projects throughout Tennessee to address health disparities and promote healthy communities.

Core Values

  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
  • Engagement

Center Goals

  • To identify Tennessee's most pressing public health needs and challenges and to be part of the solution through research and implementation of evidence-based practices
  • To develop and sustain a robust externally funded portfolio that will facilitate the center's mission and operations as a primarily externaly funded entity
  • To develop and strengthen partnerships within the University, the local community, the state, and beyond
  • To serve as a resource to our partners on research, projects and initiatives related to population health
  • To support interdisciplinary scholarly and research activity
  • To provide engaging and interactive internship opportunities for students in public health and related disciplines


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