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How Can the Center for Health and Human Services Help Your Organization or Academic Program?

The Center for Health and Human Services can assist community partners as well as MTSU academic partners interested in collaborative opportunities that  advance the health and well-being of Tennesseans through services offered by the Center.  Whether a project, program or research activity has already been identified and assistance is needed with securing funding or implementation, or whether assistance is needed bringing an idea to life, the Center may serve:

  • As an applicant entity for grant opportunities: This may be of interest to smaller non-profit organizations or MTSU partners without established track records of grant writing and award management or with limited experience in a given area, as well as to partners who do not have the time or resources to submit a grant application.  *While we are not a grant-writing service, we will lead grant-writing efforts as part of a partnership that aligns with our mission and where the center will have a significant role in implementation.  With the CHHS' lengthy history of successfully funded projects, programs,and research - and with expertise in selected areas - the stage is set for a successful and funded grant proposal.
  • As a collaborator: We would be pleased to partner with your organization or academic unit on a proposal that your organization is already submitting for funding or has already received.   The Center can provide administrative functions as and overall project implementation and management for work that aligns with our mission and where the center has a significant role, allowing your organization or department to focus on its primary work.  The CHHS can also enhance the  proposed or existing scope of work through professional development and training expertise, evaluation services through our faculty partners, and development of a research component through our community of scholars. 

As applicant or collaborator, we offer:

  • *Grant proposal development and submission (see above);
  • Hiring and supervision of project personnel;             
  • Ordering supplies, materials, and meeting ongoing procurement needs;
  • Preparing and submitting required reports to funding agencies and preparing reports for your board or stakeholders;
  • Provider training along with continuing education credits, as well as direct implementation of programmatic activities;
  • Program evaluation services;
  • Research opportunities: Within MTSU’s community of scholars, a research component can be added to proposed service projects and programs serving to inform scientific and practitioner communities on important public health issues. We are also pleased to assist with research-focused initiatives as the lead partner or as a collaborator.  

Please contact us today about collaborative opportunities and download an information packet and listing of recent and current work. Staff would love to have a conversation about how the Center for Health and Human Services can help meet the needs of your organization.  We want to be a resource to our MTSU and Tennessee communities and would be very pleased to work with you!


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