Only authorized MTSU officials may sign contracts.

Standard contract templates listed below are available for drafting contracts. Submit proposed contracts in MT$ource for our office to review prior to forwarding to vendor. 

Contracts for services need to be processed, approved, and signed before the service starts.

New vendors are required to email a Form W-9 to w9@mtsu.edu and purchase@mtsu.edu

Form Instructions
Articulation/Transfer Agreement   
Banking Agreement   
Clinical Affiliation Agreement - HCA Facilities   
Clinical Affiliation Agreement - Non-HCA Facilities  
Clinical and Field Experience Agreement   
Dual Credit Program Agreement   
Dual Enrollment Agreement   
Dual Services Agreement - MTSU as Procuring Party  Dual Services Agreement - Instructions
Dual Services Agreement - MTSU as Vendor   
Entertainment Agreement   
Facilities Use Agreement - General   
Filming Agreement   
Intellectual Property - Research Agreement   
MTSU as Service Provider   
Non-Credit Instruction Agreement   

Professional Services Agreement

Professional Services Agreement - Instructions              

Professional Services Agreement - Short Form
(For use only by The Governor's School for the Arts, MTSU's Band of Blue, and/or MTSU Theatre and Dance.)


Software Agreement  
Student Recruitment Representative Agreement   
Study Abroad Agreement