Frequently Asked Questions

What is DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks is a user-friendly comprehensive web-based degree audit system and an academic planning tool that allows users to view completed courses and remaining requirements for degree completion, in accordance with the Middle Tennessee State University catalog.

How does DegreeWorks prepare a degree audit?

DegreeWorks uses a student’s academic history, current registration, and displays how courses are applied to the degree and institution requirements for the student's declared major/minor in accordance with the university catalog.

Does DegreeWorks show how many classes are left to complete degree requirements?

Yes. DegreeWorks is organized in block format displaying general education, major, auxiliary/major support courses and minor requirements. The boxes that remain "Incomplete" specify which courses or hours are not complete.

Is DegreeWorks an official transcript?

No. DegreeWorks is a comprehensive advising tool to help guide and track students’ progress towards degree completion, and assists with planning future course requirements. Visit the University's transcript webpage for information on how to obtain an official copy of your academic transcript.

Can I register for classes in DegreeWorks?

No. Registration will continue to be accessed through PipelineMT.

Does the Degree Progress percentage only look at only completed courses?

No. The Degree Progress percentage calculation uses all degree requirements listed in the Degree area.

DegreeWorks indicates 100% complete.  Is this clearance for graduation?

No. DegreeWorks is not an official notification of degree or certificate completion. You will need to apply for graduation, meet with your advisor, and have the final approval and an audit completed by the appropriate College graduation coordinator/analyst.

Are grades visible in DegreeWorks?

Yes. Once grades are processed, they are viewable in DegreeWorks the next day.

What to do if you believe your academic information is incorrect?

Contact your academic advisor and check on the following:

  1. Check Program of Study.
    DegreeWorks displays your most recent active Program of Study. If you have not officially changed your major or added a minor, contact your academic advisor.
  2. Transfer courses not showing on the audit.
    If you are concerned about a transfer course that should be applying in the audit, contact your academic advisor.
  3. Courses are not applying where you believed they should.
    DegreeWorks uses a 'best fit' approach for meeting requirements so courses may apply to different sections as you take more courses. If you have questions, please contact your academic advisor.
  4. Advisor or department chair gave me permission to substitute a course, but it is not showing on my audit.
    Check with your academic advisor. Advisors can submit an approved exception to substitute or waive a course to meet requirements. Once the exception is processed and entered by the appropriate graduation coordinator/analyst, the exception will be reflected on the degree audit.
  5. Minor is missing from my audit.
    If you have not officially declared your minor, contact your academic advisor for instructions. 

What if the major requirements appear wrong for my Program of Study?

Look at the catalog term listed in the Degree section of the audit. This is the catalog listed for the degree requirements. If you believe you should be using an older or newer catalog, contact your Academic Advisor.

How to change a major?

Students must meet with their academic advisor who will submit the form on their behalf.

What are Residency Requirements?

MTSU requires a minimum of 30 hours to be completed through coursework offered by the university.  Majors and minors also have minimum residency requirements. The DegreeWorks audit is set-up to automatically check for these requirements, and will check them off on the audit when completed.

What are Candidacy Requirements?

Some programs at MTSU require students to meet certain published requirements to enter the program. If “Admission to Candidacy” is required for the major, the candidacy requirement will show as needed on the audit until met. See your academic advisor for more information.

How current is the information in DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks is automatically refreshed each night. Any changes made during the day (grade changes and classes added/dropped) will be seen in DegreeWorks as soon as a new audit is run.

Why is my information not up-to-date?

There could be a couple of reasons:

  1. An Exception for a course substitution or waiver for a requirement may not have been processed yet. Check with your academic advisor to ensure the Exception for the course substitution or waiver has been approved.
  2. You could be waitlisted for a course and not officially registered.
  3. Your program candidacy approval is in review.
  4. An official transcript from a previously attended institution or study abroad has not been received and courses not posted to your record.

What if a student has a double major, dual degree, or concentration but only one is listed?

If the same degree, check to make sure both majors and/or concentrations are showing as declared in the Student Information section above the Degree Progress bar. If not, then contact your academic advisor.

If earning dual degrees 

Dual degrees (example: BA/BS; BBA/BS) will have a separate audit for both.  Scroll to the top of the page and click the down arrow box under “DEGREE”.  Both degree should be listed and choose on the degree you are reviewing. If only one degree is listed, contact your academic advisor. 

There are some courses listed in the Additional Courses. Can those be counted as electives or be used to substitute for a course?

Yes, some of the Additional Courses may be counted as electives or course substitutions. See your academic advisor to determine how many courses are needed as electives to meet graduation or if  the course may be substituted for a requirement.

How do I initiate a request for a course substitution?

Discuss with your academic advisor. The academic advisor will help start the process.

How does an Exception made for a course substitution or waiver appear on the DegreeWorks audit?

The Graduation Coordinator/Analyst will enter the Exception after the course substitution or waiver has been approved. Once processed, the course will appear on the audit where the required course is listed. The course, person who entered the exception, and date will appear on the audit. A brief description may be added depending on the circumstance.

My audit does not have a General Education Block. Why?

Second degree seeking students that have earned an equivalent to an U.S. bachelors degree will be excluded from this requirement.

Will DegreeWorks show if a student has filed an Intent to Graduate?

Yes. In the Student Information section of the audit it will show your Graduation Status and expected Graduation Term if you have an active Intent to Graduate form on file and processed.

Will DegreeWorks show Academic Standing?

Yes. The Student Information section of the audit will show your Academic Standing.

Will DegreeWorks show overall GPA?

Yes. In the Student Information section of the audit the overall GPA is the GPA used to meet the required graduation GPA.

What is the What-If?

The What-If is a DegreeWorks feature that allows a student to select a program they might be interested in pursuing to see how their completed and registered courses will fulfill the requirements for that major.

Can the audit be saved?

Yes. To save the DegreeWorks Audit, click the printer icon at the top. Once open the document can be saved and then printed. To save the What-if instead of clicking Process What-If, click the printer icon.

When should a degree audit be reviewed with an Advisor?

  • If there is a discrepancy on the DegreeWorks audit
  • Anytime there is a change made to registered courses schedule (drop/add)
  • Before registration opens for the next term, to ensure courses will apply towards degree requirements
  • Taking courses that do not apply to your degree will affect Course Program of Study (CPoS)and Financial Aid.

I have additional questions about DegreeWorks, whom do I contact?

Contact your academic advisor. 

What if I have issues accessing DegreeWorks from my computer?

Check your web browsers. DegreeWorks is compatible with Mozilla Foxfire. If changing your browsers does not work, contact the ITD Help Desk at 615-898-5345 or