Posting of Information / Multimedia to Digital Signs

Campus digital informational signs are available to advertise university events and information appropriate to a campus-wide audience OR content specific to the individual sign's location. Content is added to the Student Union video walls, Student Union ballroom signs and the KUC theater by the signage system administrators; content on other building signs is placed by departmental content administrators.

To request media content be placed on signage, follow the steps below. Your content will be reviewed and if approved, placed in a content repository for possible selection by system or departmental content administrators.

Steps to request content be added to one of the signs above: 

  1. Review the Content Guidelines noting that media MUST be provided at least ONE MONTH in advance of the event.
  2. Create an ITD  Work Order
    1. Log into the Work Order system using your FSA credentials
    2. Fill in the Subject and Contact Information
    3. Complete Issue Information
      1. Equipment Type: select Other
      2. Problem Type: select Other Systems
      3. Symptom: Select the New Content: Video Wall or New Content: Readerboard
      4. OS Type: Select Other
      5. Category: Select Digital Signage System
        1. Complete Sign Location information & click SAVE
      6. Fill in Public Description
        1. Explain what is needed including sign location(s) & dates/times that content is to be displayed
        2. Attach media file or send via email to (if CMS is creating the file(s) have them to send to