Common Misconceptions about the edTPA

MTSU hosted several University Supervisor and Faculty-centered edTPA trainings over the Summer of 2013.  During each session, participants were asked to write down rumors they had heard regarding the edTPA.  While we addressed these in each session, we are compiling and addressing them here as well.

It is different.

It is not very different from the work sample students teachers / teacher candidates have been asked to create previously.

It is expensive.

While the edTPA does have a cost of $300 to score, MTSU's student teachers / teacher candidates will not be responsible for paying that fee to Pearson.

It does not relate to the subject.

Each student teacher / teacher candidate will complete the edTPA that most appropriately relates to the subject area being taught in the placement.

Someone who does not know the student will evaluate the student.

This is true.  The scorer at Pearson will be a stranger and the process is anonymous.

This is in addition to everything else (the student / candidate has to complete).

The edTPA has replaced the work sample, so it is not in addition to everything else.
The edTPA incorporates effective teaching practices that should be used daily.


They do not have to do this at Vanderbilt.

Yes they do.

Don't worry, it will go away.

MTSU has no plans to remove the edTPA at this time, nor does TBR.

This is a new evaluation process for teacher candidates in Tennessee.

Yes, as well as other states across the nation.

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