2+2 Degree Program and Tennessee Transfer Pathway

2 Plus 2 in Elementary Education

2 plus 2 program (2+2) is similar to an Articulation Agreement, but it is specifically a program that requires 2 years at one institution and 2 years at MTSU to complete. These are specific agreements drawn up between MTSU and another school for certain academic programs, such as K-5 Education. There are a clear set of courses to take at each school in order to satisfy the program requirements and obtain a degree from both institutions. In addition, some MTSU classes are taught on the campuses of the partner institutions to assist commuting students. 

For more information about the 2 Plus 2 Program, contact:
Dr. Bonnie Barksdale
Department of Elementary and Special Education 
(615) 898-2323

Transfer Pathway

A partnership between twelve Community Colleges, the Tennessee Transfer Pathway is a unique partnership designed to meet the professional needs of students preparing to teach at the early childhood or elementary level. Students in the program will complete four years of study and receive a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Early Childhood Education or Elementary Education, K–5. The first two years of the program are completed by earning an Associate of Science (A.S.) degree in Early Childhood Education or an Associate of Science in Teaching (A.S.T.) degree in Elementary Education at a Community College.  The successful student will earn the Bachelor of Science and licensure in the respective licensure area.

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