Exchange FAQs for Faculty / Staff

How do I access my email?

There are several ways to access your email: 1) Using Microsoft Outlook client application on a computer or laptop, ITD supports Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, 2019, Microsoft 365 for PCs,  MacMail (OSX 10.6+) , Outlook 2011 for Mac and Outlook for Mac. 2) Through Outlook on the web, using a browser and going to, 3) On your mobile device through the native email application or the Outlook mobile app.

How do I sign in to my email account?

Sign into your email account through you desktop/laptop client or email browser at, by entering your MTSU ID and your password.

What is my mailbox quota?

Mailbox quotas are 100 GB, as well as the ability to archive 100 GB. This is a larger mailbox that offers greater mobility and flexible access, decreased inbox overload, transformed voice mail (voice mail messages in your inbox with a text preview), increased productivity, and safeguards for sensitive information.

How do I put my MTSU email on my mobile phone?

Following are basic instructions to set up email on mobile devices using the native email app on your device. For more detailed instructions, click on the links below. Please note: For the best experience, Microsoft recommends using the Outlook for IOS or Outlook for Android mobile apps.

Apple iPhone/iPad
Go to Passwords & Accounts > “Add Account” > choose “Exchange”
Enter your MTSU ID and description of account, i.e. MTSU and click “Next” > “Sign in”
This will take you to our MTSU SSO and prompt you for a password. Enter your password
Turn on what you would like to sync and “Save”
You probably want to go into the account and set up mail days to sync, etc.

Visit Office Support for more instructions. (Please note that do not need to configure manually)

Go to Email Settings
Click on “Add account” > Choose “Office 365”
This takes you to our MTSU SSO sign in. Enter your MTSU ID and click “Next”
Enter password and click “Sign in”
Set up the sync period and what you want to sync and click “Done”
Click “Done” again.

Visit Office Support for more instructions.

How do I set up the Outlook mobile app on my phone?

Microsoft recommends downloading the Outlook mobile app for the best email experience.

How do I configure Apple Mail to log in?

Launch Mail.
From the Mail menu, select Preferences.
Click Create an Account (‘+’ symbol).
Select Exchange.
Fill the following details, and then click Continue:
Name: Enter the email address user's name.
Email address: Enter your email address as
Password: Enter the email address's password.
If you receive a warning that "Internet Accounts couldn't log in to the Exchange server...", complete the following and click Continue:
Description: Enter a description for the account.
User Name: Enter
Password: Enter the email address's password.
Server Address: Type
Click Continue.
Select the applications you want to link to your Office 365 email address, and then click Done.

Do retirees still get to keep their accounts?

Retirees can request that their email account be retained prior to leaving the University.

Why am I getting prompted to sign into my email on my mobile phone every 7 days?

Office 365 applications respect our Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) service, which we enabled in 2019 to increase the security on your account. Multi-Factor Authentication is in place to prompt for your password once every seven days if you check the box on the sign-in page. Now that your mailbox has been migrated to Exchange Online, the MFA policy is in effect. 

What size attachments can I send with Exchange email?

35MB is the maximum attachment size.

How will I know another user's email address?

Please consult the global address within Outlook to find a user email address.

How do I access a shared mailbox?

If you are a delegate (have access) to a shared mailbox, and you are using a PC version of Outlook, the shared account should automatically show up in your email under your Inbox. You must expand the shared mailbox to see the Inbox and the mail. If you use Outlook on the web, you must sign into your account, click on the your picture or initials in the upper right corner, and click "Open another mailbox." Enter the email address of the mailbox you wish to open, and click "Open." 

If you are using a Mac, you will need to do the following: 

1. In Outlook for Mac, select Tools tab in the ribbon.
2. Select Accounts.
3. In the window that appears, select your Exchange account and click Advanced
4. In the Server tab that the window opens in, check the box that says "Sync shared mailbox".
5. Click the Delegate tab. In the section named “Open these additional mailboxes:“, click the "+" button.
6. The "Select User" window will appear. Type the name of the shared mailbox in the text box.
7. Then
      For Outlook 2011, click Find. Select the desired user from the search result list that appears and click OK.
      For Outlook 2016, press Enter. Select the desired user from the search result list that appears and click Add.
8. Click OK to close the accounts window. After a brief period, the shared mailbox will appear as a folder in the View list on the left side.

Why am I getting the error: “Outlook is trying to retrieve data from the Microsoft Exchange server”

Users should run in cached mode for optimal performance. If they choose not to run in cached mode, they may run into slow performance when deleting or moving large amounts of email. They may receive a message saying that Outlook is not responding or “Outlook is trying to retrieve data from the Microsoft Exchange server”

How to enable cached mode.

Why is the system slow when I delete or move large amounts of mail?

If you are experiencing slowness or error messages when deleting or moving large amounts of email, it is probably because you are not running in cached mode. For the best performance, we recommend you run in cached mode.

Why are my Inbox rules not working?

During the mailbox migration, it is possible that some of the rules that you created in your Outlook client or OWA may not transfer over correctly or at all, requiring them to be recreated.

Here are some steps to fix a rule that is no longer working:

Outlook Client
On the Home tab, go to Rules > Manage Rules & Alerts
Click on the rule that is not working and click Change Rule > Edit Rule Settings
If the rule looks fine, click "Finish" and then "OK"
If the rule still does not run, you may need to delete and recreate the rule

Outlook Web App
Click on the Settings (gear), and click on “View all Outlook settings” on the bottom of settings
On the left, click Mail > Rules and click on the pencil to edit rules
If the rule looks fine, click "Save"
If the rule still does not run, you may need to delete and recreate the rule

What is the Focused Inbox and how do I turn it off?

When your mailbox is migrated, you may notice something that says Focused Inbox. Focused Inbox separates your Inbox into two tabs - Focused and Other. Your email messages deemed most important are on the Focused tab while the rest remain easily accessible - but out of the way - on the Other tab.

Learn more about Focused Inbox.
Disabling the Focused Inbox feature.

How do I add and remove people from a distribution list?

Distributions lists are now in Exchange Online and are managed by going to Please click here to see instructions on managing your distribution list.