Publications - Import an item via BibTex

Important publications Lashkar ship of discovery items using a bid text citation file. Import feature with an activity and site is used to streamline the addition of the publication scholarship of discovery data note that this feature is available only in the publications last scholarship of discovery section and utilize citation files for importation to access the import feature click on the publication slash scholarship of discovery link under the research slash creative activity section. The publication section will appear andany items that have been previously added will appear in the items list click on the import button at the top of the screen to get started. There are two ways to bring in publications from other databases uploading a bit of tech citation file from your computer or finding an item by connecting to a third party service such as cross ref or Pub Med in this demo we show how to import items using a bit of text file system such as in note and Google Scholar enable you to pick records and then export them into a bit of text file a bit text file is the most broadly supported standardized way to structure publication citations in a file. Click on the choose file button under the import from a bit of text file section. A file browser open navigate to the folder to find the file. We are already there. Click on it and then click on the open but. The system will briefly process the text file and once completed so successfully will advance to the next screen. The next screen that will appear step three of four match collaborators which request that you match the files collaborator collaborators with I user account however you are free to skip over this step and. Match any of the names brought in by the by the text file click on the Continue button to proceed with them for. The last screen you will see is a review unfinished green. Here you may review the item or items if there are multiple in this casethat are to be imported used the scroll bar. And arrow buttons. During your view. Once you have finished your view and approve of the item detail click on the finish Import button to finish importing the items. A problem will appear to let you know that the records are about to be loaded. Click on the import button once again. Confirmation will appear once a publication items have been successfully imported click OK to finish. And now this system has highlighted the two added files from the text file.