Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What login information do I use to access the system?

Faculty Success uses MTSU's SSO (Single Sign-On) service. 

What happens if you experience issues logging in?

Contact the system administrator, Sabrina Wright, or contact ITD. 

Background Information

What is Faculty Success?

A system for reporting and managing your faculty activities. Think of it as an electronic portfolio.

What does Faculty Success do?

Faculty Success gives you a place where all of your academic work and accomplishments can be recorded, stored, and used for a variety of purposes. 

Who has a profile in Faculty Success? Who is required to use Faculty Success?

Regular faculty members who are tenured, tenure-track, and specialized (non-tenure) track.

Once my information is in the system, how can the information be used?

The most common use of the system will be for faculty members to run an annual Performance Evaluation and VITA reports. Reports can be downloaded as a Word Document, Adobe PDF or in HTML. In Word the documents are editable and sections may be copied for other uses that faculty may have.

Please note that MTSU will be developing other uses for Faculty Success as the university becomes more familiar with this dynamic system.

Getting Data into Faculty Success & Verifying Data Entered

How often should I update my information?

Relevant activities during the year should be entered in preparation for the annual Performance Evaluation report that the Provost’s Office requests. Semesterly updates are recommended to keep information up-to-date.

I am trying to upload a file to Faculty Success, but it never actually uploads.

Faculty Success will not allow you to upload a file that is larger than 50MB. If you would like to link to a file that is larger that 50MB (i.e., audio or video files) that is accessible on the web or that you have stored, you can create an HTML page or Microsoft Word document that contains a link to the file (web) or the embed code. You can then upload the HTML file or Word document to Faculty Success where you would have uploaded the audio or video file.

If the file is under 50MB, it may be the browser you are using. Try using Firefox and Chrome. 

How do I know where to put each of my different activities?

We hope the names of each screen will guide you. If you are not sure, contact your College and/or Department Chair.

What screens have data imported from Banner? How do faculty update or correct errors on these screens?

The following screens will import data from Banner via web services: Permanent Data, Yearly Data, Workload Information, Degrees (listed by CIP Code), Scheduled Teaching, Personal Contact Information. 

Errors should be reported to your Faculty Success Administrator -

Faculty Success has many screens and data fields on each screen. Do faculty have to complete all of these? 

The short answer is “no”. Not every screen or field is relevant to every faculty member. It is important to note that you should only enter an item once! If you have specific questions about what to include where, consult with your college and/or department chair. 

Where do I put supporting documents that do not fit into an activity screen (ex: student comments and emails)?

You can upload these additional supporting documents in a workflow when you are submitting your materials for review. However, you cannot see a workflow or workflows until you receive an email inviting you to submit your materials. Until you receive the invitation to submit we recommend you create a DM file on your computer and organize additional information/files there. 

  1. Organize data/supporting information by year and merge into one PDF. 
  2. Use a file name that is descriptive (ex: Student Comments 18-19.pdf)

I've been at another institution that used Faculty Success and I'd like to get my data from there imported into MTSU's Faculty Success system. What do I need to do?

Send a request with your name and the name of your prior institution to and we will work with you and your prior institution to accomplish this.

Not all of my courses are appearing in the Scheduled Teaching. What do I do?

We upload Scheduled Teaching from Banner. If your courses are not appearing correctly, please contact (Faculty Success administrator) with the course inconsistency. ITD will need to be contacted to correct the issue.

Security & Access

Who will see my information?

Faculty members have access to their own accounts as well as immediate Department Heads, Deans, and the Provost Office.

My data is going into this system. What can Faculty Success do with it?

Our service agreement with Faculty Success states that your data cannot be disclosed, reused, sold, or disseminated in any way by Faculty Success. Faculty Success also protects your confidential data.

I'd like to designate someone to enter information into Faculty Success on my behalf. How do I do that?

Currently, we do have a proxy process in place for data assistance.  Remember, we're pulling data that is stored in official university systems such as Banner (teaching data). Your role is to verify the data that shows for you is accurate. 

Contacts for Information, Resources, & Training

If I have general questions about using Faculty Success as a faculty member, who do I contact?

Contact Sabrina Wright at or by phone at 615-494-8721.

Where can I find training and resources to help me?

Our office has developed some resources for you to get started, import your activities, run reports, prepare CVs, and some great tips and tricks. Find it here

You may access our brief introductory tutorial with instructional videos here. COMING SOON

View our calendar of scheduled trainings here. COMING SOON