Louise Mott Miles

Preserving Memory

Louise kept a Line-A-Day diary with short entries listing her activities of the day-attending class, studying, going to the "picture show," and going to sporting events and on dates. She also made numerous scrapbooks-some formal scrapbooks, and others pieced into the backs of her MTSTC Midlander yearbooks.  It was common for individuals of the time, especially women, to keep diaries and create scrapbooks to record memories-both the special and the everyday. This awareness of the importance of everyday activities provides useful insights into the lives of these women and the culture of their time.

The images below relate to how Louise Mott Miles, as well as others, preserved history.
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This spread of images was glued in the back of one of Louise's MTSTC Midlander yearbooks. It includes pictures of her friends, including several pictures of her friends in costumes.This page contains programs from various plays and functions Louise Norris attended. The were inserted in a way to be folded up into the scrapbook when it is closed.Louise Norris was a student at Middle Tennessee Normal School (now Middle Tennessee State University) in the early 1920s.This spread contains Valentine's Cards with the written caption, "Yes, sir!"Louise glued a newspaper clipping regarding new anti-child labor laws, noting that it was to remember an organized debate she had won.In this diary entry, dated September 17, 1997, Louise discusses her handcrafted dolls.This spread from Sarah Curtis Cunningham's scrapbook contains a ticket stub, a candy wrapper, a chewing gum wrapper, and a wrapper for toasted peanuts.This page from Sarah Curtis Cunningham's scrapbook, contains text, a photo, and candy wrappers. Louise glued a newspaper clipping regarding new anti-child labor laws, noting that it was to remember an organized debate she had won.This page from Sarah Curtis Cunningham's scrapbook contains what appears to be a partially smoked cigarette. The caption reads "April 30 Shall we forget this date anytime soon. No! Indeed never shall I again in my life spend such exciting and "charming" events..."This page contains a Wrigley's chewing gum wrapper and an empty package of Chesterfield cigarettes. The caption below the cigarettes reads "Remember the nite this pack stayed in our room on the mantle. Were there any missing when Doug called for them the next morn. ha! ha!"This page from Sarah Curtis Cunningham's scrapbook contains a leaf, a piece of chewed gum, and the empty wrapper that the gum came from.This May 5th date contains entries from when Louise was in school at MTSTC as well as an entry from when she was teaching. She mentions taking pictures of her students in dresses they made.This page in Louise Norris' scrapbook contains cards and images that appear to have been cut out from other sources.This page from Louise Norris's scrapbook contains photographs.Louise Norris also inserted letters into her scrapbook. The envelopes are Middle Tennessee State Normal School stationary.A page from Louise's scrapbook. The poem is an invitation to the Craddock Club, a literary society Louise was a member of in college.This page contains an empty box of Camel cigarettes, a small pencil, and a small tin of Bayer Aspirin. The caption next to the pencil reads, " "Fond memories do these recall." All given by the same person." The caption to the right of the aspirin reads, "Relieves pain quickly but sometimes "soda" is quicker. ha!"For the dates January 28–29, Louise discusses such activities as going to class, going on dates, and going to church. Studying Louise's diary gives an interesting insight to the daily thoughts and activities of a woman in college in the 1920s.This scrapbook spread by Louise contains cards and tickets for movies, trains, and sporting events.This page from Louise Norris's scrapbook contains photographs.A page from Sarah Curtis Cunningham's scrapbook containing candy wrappers. Her scrapbook contains many candy wrappers.From Louise's scrapbook. The caption reads, "Roses and part of box of candy Jack Wilson gave me that day".In this diary entry, dated December 25, Louise discusses her Christmas festivities.This is the diary Louise kept during her days at Middle Tennessee State Teacher's College. Her entries are short and filled with discussion of classes, sports, movies, and dating.While she was in college, Louise began creating makeshift scrapbooks in the back pages of her college yearbooks. This page is from The Tennessee College for Women Dryad.Bouquet of roses from Louise's scrapbook. This page faces the page the box of candy is attached to. The caption on the candy box reads, "Roses and part of box of candy Jack Wilson gave me that day".This page from the scrapbook of Louise Norris contains various items.Sarah Curtis Cunningham entered Middle Tennessee State Teacher's College in 1930.This page from Sarah Curtis Cunningham's scrapbook, contains a spread of photographs.In these dates, January 26-27, Louise discusses events such as going to class, studying, and attending the "picture show."This page contains a certificate for summer school, an Eskimo Pie wrapper, and two wooden ice cream spoons.This scrapbook spread, again in the back of a Midlander yearbook, contains stamps, addresses, and salutations from letters addressed to Louise when she was attending school at MTSTC.
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