Humanities Minor

Welcome to the Minor in Humanities!


Through the minor in Humanities, students will understand ways in which various peoples throughout history and across geographic boundaries have expressed ideals and values rooted in their understanding of the human condition.  In an era of global conflict (consider recent events prompted by the Arab Spring, debate over the potential attainment of nuclear capabilities in Asian nations, numerous school shootings/acts of group violence in the U.S., etc.) we need to understand the surrounding world and its cultures in order to better determine our place and role within it. The Humanities Minor is an excellent way to accomplish this goal!

With engaging faculty and a wide variety of course offerings, the 15 hour minor composed of upper-division courses in the Humanities (HUM) rubric, the Humanities Minor is a perfect complement to any major. 

For more information, contact Dr. Leah Tolbert Lyons by phone  (615) 898-5778 or email