Humanities Courses

Humanities Minor

World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures 
Advisor: Dr. Joan McRae

The Humanities minor is an undergraduate program that promotes intellectual inquiry through the humanities, exploring a variety of topics relative to the modern human condition thought and values as depicted in literature, film, and culture. Through  the Humanities minor, students will understand ways in which various peoples throughout history and across geographic boundaries have expressed ideals and values rooted in/surrounding the human condition. The Humanities minor enhances one's ability to critically assess texts and ideas and to aptly communicate these assessments-skills that allow students to make effective contributions in the community and in the workplace. The minor requires 15 hours of upper-division courses in the HUM rubric.

Courses (15 hours)

Select 15 hours from the courses below:

  • HUM 3000 - Topics in Foreign Language Linguistics

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: ENGL 3570, PSY 4820, ANTH 3410, or SPAN 3120 or permission of instructor. Selected topic in theoretical linguistics focusing on languages other than English. Content varies from semester to semester. May be repeated under a different subtitle.

  • HUM 3050 - Introduction to Russian Culture

    3 credit hours

    Introduces Russian culture and society with focus on key historical, social, and cultural topics essential to understanding modern Russia. Taught in English; no background knowledge of Russia or Russian language required.

  • HUM 3060 - Popular Culture of Japan

    3 credit hours

    Examines Japan's popular culture from early-to-mid twentieth century to the present. Taught in English.

  • HUM 3065 - Topics in Italian Culture

    3 credit hours

    Offers both Italian language and non-language students an introduction to Italian culture and society focusing on key historical, social, and cultural topics essential to understanding modern Italy. Taught in English; no background knowledge of Italy or the Italian language required.

  • HUM 3070 - Brazilian Popular Culture

    3 credit hours

    Provides the necessary context, critical analysis, and perspectives on contemporary culture studies in Brazil. There is no language prerequisite for this course.

  • HUM 3080 - Cultures of Switzerland

    3 credit hours

    Focuses on the development of Swiss cultural identity, its varying regional identities, and its relationships with other cultures.

  • HUM 3086 - Women's Voices in Latin American Literatures

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: ENGL 2020, HUM 2610, equivalent, or permission of instructor. Involves in-depth literary and cultural study of a representative sample of women's writing from Latin America. Taught in English.

  • HUM 3110 - Cityscapes: Paris, Scandal, and Revolution

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: HUM 2610 or ART 1930 or ENGL 2020, or HIST 1120. Examines the foundations of the emergence of Paris as a center of global culture through a study of various authors, artists, cabaret singers, and filmmakers in their social and political context. No knowledge of French required.

  • HUM 3365 - Hispanic Writers in American Literature

    3 credit hours

    (Same as ENGL 3365.) Acquaints students with the literary works of Hispanic Americans writing in English. Emphasis on analysis of the intersection of cultures and traditions and the formation of Hispanic American identity.

  • HUM 3400 - Contemporary African Literature and Film

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: ENGL 2020 or ENGL 2030 or HUM 2610 or permission of instructor. Explores thematic questions impacting postcolonial societies depicted in Sub-Saharan African literature and film.

  • HUM 3440 - Monsters around the World

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: HUM 2610 or ENGL 2020 or equivalent. Interdisciplinary study of monsters and monstrous phenomena around the world through theory and examples taken from translated texts.

  • HUM 3500 - Latino Images in U.S. Film

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: ENGL 2020, ENGL 2030, HUM 2610, or permission of instructor. Explores the past and present portrayals of Latinos in U.S. cinema.

  • HUM 3600 - Israeli Cinema  3 credit hours  

    HUM 3600 - Israeli Cinema

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite: ENGL 2020, ENGL 2030, or HUM 2610 or permission of instructor. Explores differing viewpoints held by Israelis about their history, politics, and society through major films from Israel. May be taken for the Minor in Jewish and Holocaust Studies or the Minor in Middle East Studies.

  • HUM 3950 - Women in the Middle Ages

    3 credit hours

    The role of women in western Europe from the late fifth to the end of the fifteenth century, emphasizing their cultural contributions in the courtly world, the church, the world of work, and the arts.

  • HUM 4550 - The Grail Legend in Film and Literature

    3 credit hours

    Prerequisite:ENGL 2020,  ENGL 2030, or HUM 2610, or permission of the instructor. Explores the origin and development of the Grail legend in Western art primarily in literature and film.

  • HUM 4610 - Comparative Literature

    3 credit hours

    Comparative literature in terms of its concerns with literary theory and criticism as well as its practical application. A reading knowledge of a foreign language is recommended.