What is Strategic Media?

Companies need savvy and knowledgeable people to navigate ever-changing media situations. Strategic Media blends analytical and applied skills, giving students a foundation in the function and influence of the media with cross-disciplinary theoretical and applied approaches in content creation and content distribution, as well as audience insight and analytics.

Most of us begin and end our day with a handheld, digital device—your phone! The devices we use will change and so will the strategies to help us maximize the quality of time we spend with our devices to stay informed.  Strategic Media helps students understand the digital world, from digital literacy to strategies to reach audiences with information they need to improve their lives. Strategic Media reflects the blend of practical, applied media knowledge from journalism, public relations and advertising with new visual and digital communication skills and audience delivery.

Students should leave the program able to grasp a communication challenge and create a strategy to address it, to target an audience, to create a compelling message, to write persuasively, and to evaluate the success of communication campaigns.