Faculty Books and Publications




India's State-run Media: Broadcasting, Power, and Narrative by Sanjay Asthana



Palestinian Youth Media and the Pedagogies of Estrangement: 2016 by Sanjay Asthana and Nishan Havandijan


Youth Media Imaginaries from Around the World (Mediated Youth) by Sanjay Asthana


Data Skills for Media Professionals: A Basic Guide by Ken Blake and Jason Reineke


A Complete Guide to Television, Field, and Digital Producing by Sally Ann Cruikshank, Christine Eschenfelder and Keonte Coleman


Constructing the Outbreak: Epidemics in Media and Collective Memory by Katherine Foss


The Graduate Student Guidebook by Katherine Foss


Breastfeeding and Media: Exploring Conflicting Discourses That Threaten Public Health by Katherine Foss


Beyond Princess Culture: Gender and Children's Marketing by Katherine Foss (Editor)


Demystifying the Big House: Exploring Prison Experience and Media Representations by Katherine Foss (Editor) & 15 more


Television and Health Responsibility in an Age of Individualism by Katherine Foss


Animal Abecedary: A One-of-a-Kind Alphabet Book by Leslie Haines



Other Recent Publications


Reddy Prabhakar and Asthana, Sanjay (2022) Newspaper article, opinion piece. ‘Reducing Child Poverty Needs Priority.’ Telangana Today, December 3.

Asthana, Sanjay (2022) “Sovereignty, Power, and Agency in Neoliberal Configurations of Media and Governance in the Global South.” In Sarah Anne Ganter and Hanan Badr Eds. Media Governance: A Cosmopolitan Critique. Palgrave Macmillan.


Burriss, L.L. (2022) “Sentience and Sapience in the One Ring: The Reality of Tolkien’s Master Ring,” accepted with minor revisions in Mythlore:  A Journal of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, and Mythopoeic Literature. 

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