Study Abroad

Person playing instrumentAdditional classes that may be used to fulfill electives for the Latin American Studies minor include MTSU summer and semester study abroad courses offered through the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) in Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Brazil. Contact the Latin American advisor for further information.

Elective Courses (12 hours)

  • ANTH 3512 Peoples and Cultures of South America
  • ANTH 3513 Peoples and Cultures of Caribbean and Central America
  • ANTH 3521 Mesoamerican Archaeology
  • ART 3871 Pre-Columbian art of Mesoamerica
  • ART 3872 Survey of Andean Art.
  • ART 3880 Contemporary Latin American Art
  • ECON 4470 Economic Development of the Third Word
  • GEOG 3401 Field Course.
  • GEOG 3420 Geography of Latin America
  • GEOG 4280 Special Problems and Topics in Geography
  • HIST 4210 Colonial Latin America
  • HIST 4220 Modern Latin America
  • HIST 4240 Latin-American-United States Relations
  • HIST 4250 Mexico and the Caribbean
  • HIST 4260 South America
  • PS 3210 International Relations
  • PS 3900 Latin American Politics
  • PORT 1010, 1020 Elementary Portuguese I, II
  • PORT 2010, 2020 Intermediate Portuguese I, II
  • SPAN 2010 Intermediate Spanish I
  • SPAN 2020 Intermediate Spanish II
  • SPAN 3070 Latin American Civilizations and Cultures
  • SPAN 4440 Latin American Literature I
  • SPAN 4450 Latin American Literature II
  • SPAN 4045 Special topics in Hispanic Cinema
  • SPAN 4750 Special Topics in Latin American Literature or Culture
  • SPAN 4900B Directed Readings in Latin American Literature and Culture
  • SPEE 4560 Intercultural Communication

Person with rugs Directed Readings or Special Topics in any pertinent department may be pursued with prior approval of the instructor involved and the Latin American Studies advisor.

*If students wish to substitute Portuguese language classes for the Spanish language requirement, please contact the Latin American Studies advisor.