Linguistic Studies Minor (Interdisciplinary)

SequoyahThe Linguistic Studies minor is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program that exposes students to the many ways humans use and interact with language. Students are offered a comprehensive view of human language via the fields of anthropology, English, psychology, communication disorders, classical and modern languages, and philosophy. Upon successful completion of the minor, students will have broad knowledge of linguistic principles and specific knowledge relating to a chosen languge of focus.

Why should I minor in Linguistic Studies?

Linguistics is the systematic study of human language. Linguists, its practitioners, explore the origins of language; the structure of the world’s languages; language change, variation and usage; the relationship between language and the mind; and the development of language in children. In linguistics courses, students learn to collect, organize, and interpret linguistic data, and to identify patterns within and across languages. Students can use linguistic training in such fields as psychology, computer science, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, language teaching, education, communication, speech therapy, lexicography, and literature as well as in market research, public relations, advertising, and law.