Estimated Tuition

Estimated Rate for Tuition and Fees (Per Credit Hour) Total Tuition and Fees for 30 Hours
In-State $696 $19,066
Regional* $1,009 $27,204
eRate** $978 $29,338
Out-of-State $1,695 $45,836

Note: Tuition and fees subject to change. Students who need to take prerequisite courses will be charged graduate tuition rates for those courses.

*Must live in one of the one of the eight states bordering Tennessee: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, and Virginia.

**To qualify for eRate, all enrolled courses for the semester must either be WEB, WEBAS, or DVC or any combination of the three. If the student is enrolled in any other type of course, then they will be charged the full out-of-state rate for all courses unless they live in one of the eight contiguous states, which will then qualify them for the regional rate.

For more information about tuition, including qualifying for the different rate structures and Cost of Attendance, visit the MTSU tuition rate page. You can also call an enrollment representative at 888-891-6780 (toll-free) or email

Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Assistantships

Many scholarships are available for M.Acc. students through the department, the Tennessee Society of CPAs, and other accounting organizations. To see the scholarships currently available, visit the scholarships and awards page.

The Office of Financial Aid also provides financial assistance to qualified students. Results from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are required before eligibility can be determined for federal financial aid programs. The MTSU school code for FAFSA applications is 003510.

The Department of Accounting offers a limited number of graduate assistantships, which are awarded competitively each semester. Most assistantships are part-time and cover part of the tuition costs plus provide a monthly stipend in return for 10 hours per week of service. Some full-time assistantships that cover 100% of tuition are also available. Visit the graduate assistantships page to see minimum eligibility and application requirements.

Veterans and Active Military

All veterans attending MTSU programs pay in-state tuition, no matter where they live. We are also honored to be the home of the Charlie and Hazel Daniels Veterans and Military Family Center, the largest and most comprehensive support facility of its kind in Tennessee.

For assistance in determining your eligibility, contact Veterans Center Director Dr. Hilary Miller, at or at 615-904-8347.

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