Friday Star Parties

Current Schedule 

Time: 6:30pm -8:30pm         
Place: WPS 102       
Observing: Telescopes set up by the MTSU Observatory
Format: 30 - 45 min public lecture followed by Telescope Observing (if clear weather)
Audience: General public, MTSU students, faculty, and staff (kids are welcome)
Cost: FREE

Directions: Free Parking by the science buildings. Use the Main Street Entrance to MTSU, follow Blue Raider Drive past the Cope Building and past Old Main Circle. Turn left at Friendship Street, then go around the roundabout to the science parking lot. From the end of the parking lot enter WPS through the Strobel Lobby and go to the left to WPS 102. The MTSU Observatory is outside of the WPS building.



Current schedule

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May 3, 2019
Dr. Irina Perevalova 50-yr Anniversary of the Moon Landing 
Video is not available yet
March 15, 2019
Dr. Jana Ruth Ford Small Bodies in the Solar System
Video is not available yet
April 5, 2019
Dr. Nat Smith Something About Time
Video is not available yet
February 1, 2019
Dr. John Wallin Cosmic Chemistry
Video is not available yet
January 20, 2019
Special Event: Total Lunar Eclipse Viewing Party 
Sunday 9:00-11:45 pm
 Video is not available yet
December 7, 2018
Dr. Eric Klumpe Funky Fizix in Film: Creation of the Elements
Video is not available yet
November 9, 2018
Dr. Irina Perevalova Life in the Universe
Video is not available yet
October 5, 2018
Dr. Nat Smith The Great Southern Skies: A View of Space from Down Under
Video is not available yet
September 7, 2018
 Dr. Chuck Higgins Touching the Sun: Parker Solar Probe
May 4, 2018
Dr. Irina Perevalova Space Oddity
Video is not available yet
April 6, 2018
Dr. Eric Klumpe Funky Fizix in Film: Life on Mars
March 2, 2018
Dr. John Wallin The Invisible Universe and How We See It
February 2, 2018
Dr. Chuck Higgins Cassini’s Grand Finale at Saturn
December 1, 2017
Dr. Eric Klumpe Black Hole Trivia
November 3, 2017
Dr. Jana Ruth Ford Shooting Stars & Meteor Showers
October 6, 2017
Dr. Irina Perevalova Exotic Matter
September 8, 2017
Dr. Chuck Higgins Great Tennessee Eclipse recap
August 21, 2017
August 20, 2017
(Sunday, 3 pm)
Solar Eclipse Experts: Discussion Panel, Stories, Images
Meet the experts! Open to everyone  (SCI 1006) 
August 11, 2017­
(7:30pm  LRC 221)
Dr. John Wallin Observing and Photographing the Solar Eclipse
(Bring your camera for practice!)
Video is not available
August 4, 2017­
(7:30pm LRC 221)
Dr. Irina Perevalova History and Science of Solar Eclipses
May 5, 2017
Dr. Eric Klumpe Funky Fizix in Film: Eclipses
April 14, 2017
Dr. Chuck Higgins The Great American Eclipse at MTSU
March 3, 2017
Dr. Jana Ruth Ford Solar Science
February 3, 2017
Dr. John Wallin  Darkness Fell Over the Land: Eclipses in Religion and History

Friday Star Party Videos are a co-production of the MTSU Department of Physics and Astronomy and the Education Resource Channel @ Middle Tennessee, Comcast Channel 9.