Embracing Equity through Open Educational Resources (OER) at MTSU

The OER Task Force supports course material affordability by promoting the use of free open educational resources (OER) and other affordable resources available for our students. Our programs save students money and promote student success.

OER Task Force


The Open Educational Resources Task Force brings together key stakeholders from across the university to advocate and provide support for our campus’ OER program. The task force’s purpose is to expand the use of open educational resources at MTSU and to educate and promote the value of OER to the MTSU community. 



  • Promote the creation, adaptation, adoption, curation, and discovery of openly licensed materials by our instructors and students 
  • Provide support for instructors to incorporate openly licensed educational resources into their curriculum 
  • Improve availability and affordability of course materials 
  • Advocate for inclusivity and removal of barriers for student learning through OER adoption 

As we build our OER website and presence at MTSU, you'll find more OER resources and tools in this space. Below is a collection of videos that will help you better understand OER practices.




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