Mission, Vision, and Goals

By 2030, 28% of the entire population of Tennessee will be 60 years of age and older. Between now and 2030, the population of those 65 and over will increase by 59% in Rutherford County. The Positive Aging Consortium at MTSU brings together a wide variety of disciplines at MTSU to collaborate and share resources for research, education, and community service in order to focus on this important group of Tennesseans.

Our Mission

Enhance the health and well-being of older adults by emphasizing positive aging through research, education, service, workforce development, and advocacy.

Our Vision

Help older Tennesseans lead healthy, vibrant, and productive lives.

Our Goals

Goal #1: Research

  • Develop university-community partnerships to facilitate innovative research that benefits the aging community in middle Tennessee.
Research Priorities
  • Engage in scholarly activities to promote positive aging in older adults.
  • Secure internal and external grant funding to support university- and community-based aging-related research.

Goal #2: Education

  • Promote campus-wide education on aging and contribute to continuing education for professionals serving the aging population in middle Tennessee.
  • Develop a cutting-edge curriculum in the field of gerontology.
Education Priorities
  • Engage undergraduate and graduate students in interdisciplinary aging research.
  • Increase student enrollment in aging studies minor and post-graduate certificate in gerontology.
  • Rebrand the current aging studies programs for the purpose of increasing campus and community visibility.

Goal #3: Service

  • Collaborate with community organizations that provide health and social services for the aging population in Middle Tennessee.
  • Conduct community workshops to promote positive aging.
Service Priorities
  • Plan and host a Positive Aging Conference to include participants from MTSU, those who provide services to the aging population, and older adults.
  • Develop and maintain a Positive Aging Consortium website to include mission, vision, goals, priorities, faculty affiliates, upcoming events and links to informational websites.
  • Collaborate with community partners to identify and seek to eliminate barriers to healthy living for aging and older adults.

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