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The Center maintains a state-of-the-art audio preservation, transcription, and reproduction lab. Martin Fisher is the Curator of Recorded Media and assumes primary responsibility for the day-to-day workings of the Lab.

The Lab can preserve and transfer to digital formats nearly all recording media: cylinders, 78-rpm disks, 45-rpm discs, 33-rpm discs, transcription discs, lacquer discs, wire recordings, cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, open-reel tapes, and digital audio tapes. We can also work with some video formats.

Preservation and transfer services are available to institutions as CPM staff time allows. Standard service consists of straight digital transfer of analog recordings. Additional charges for  media and shipping may apply. Mastering and restoration are also available upon request, at a negotiated fee.

Please contact the Curator of Recorded Media Collections (615-898-5509) with all audio reproduction requests. Audio reproductions will be shipped upon receipt of payment. Please see Fees and Services for charges.


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