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MTSU's Tobacco-Free Policy

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MTSU has joined approximately 250 institutions of higher education across the country in becoming a tobacco-free campus. Effective January 1, 2012, MTSU policy prohibits the use of all forms of tobacco products anywhere on University grounds.

A tobacco-free campus helps provide a healthier living, working, and learning environment. It also improves the overall campus aesthetic—the litter of cigarette butts and smokeless tobacco containers can often be a blight on the campus’s appearance. The University’s commitment to preparing graduates who are in demand by companies and organizations is also a factor. As health care costs escalate, more companies are asking about the tobacco use of current and potential employees.

The transition to a tobacco-free campus will be worth the short-term obstacles. Good health is essential to fully meeting one’s academic and professional potential. MTSU is proactively addressing the number-one health risk in the U.S. and creating a more vibrant environment for its next 100 years.

The policy, finalized six months ago, was implemented January 1 to allow time for educating the MTSU community about the new policy and for the University to provide support to those wishing to cease tobacco use.

Additional information and cessation resources can be found at

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