President McPhee Provides Health Update as Students Return for Fall 2022

To the University community,

As we look to the start of our fall semester, I have asked our leadership team to continue to closely monitor our local and state health environment.  While our situation has obviously changed and the impact lessened, the COVID virus continues to be part of our conversations.  Coupled with a growing concern for the monkeypox virus and an upcoming flu season, it is important that we remain diligent in assuring the health of our university community.

Consistent with our efforts during the height of the pandemic, we will continue to rely heavily on the advice of the Centers of Disease Control (CDC) and our own state Department of Health for guidance.  Most recently the CDC issued new guidelines on the steps individuals, who are exposed and/or infected, should take to prevent the spread of the COVID virus and other infectious diseases.  As these guidelines continue to be updated and modified as the situation evolves, I urge you to regularly consult both the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website and our University webpage for updates and reference information. 

Over the past couple of years, we have learned that the most effective deterrent, for any communicable disease, is personal responsibility.  Vaccinations, good personal hygiene, isolation if you are ill, have all proven to be effective in limiting the spread of disease.  I would encourage you to continue to practice personal accountability as we resume our daily activities. Faculty and staff who become sick should contact their supervisors. Students who must miss class because of illness should contact their instructors.

I sincerely appreciate your continued efforts and ask that we continue to utilize patience, compassion and some good common sense as we prepare for the Fall semester.

Sidney A. McPhee

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