Spring 2023 Budget and Salary Overview

Looking toward fiscal year 2023–24, the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) is recommending operating state appropriations of $138.9 million for MTSU. This will be a $12.3 million increase, or 9.8%, over 2022–23 appropriations. Funding for any 2023–24 salary increases is not included in these figures and will not be known until the release of the governor’s budget in early February.

This will be a $12.3 million increase, or 9.8%, over 2022–23 appropriations.

In September, the MTSU Board of Trustees approved one fiscal year 2023–24 Capital Outlay Project to be submitted to THEC. The request was for an additional $20 million for the Applied Engineering Building project, which was approved and funded in the 2021–22 governor’s budget. Preliminary contractor pricing received last August indicated an estimated construction cost of $13 million over the original budgeted amount. The cost increase is due to inflation of construction costs by approximately 20% in the last year. This will increase the total building project to $74.8 million. THEC included the $20 million in the budget request to the governor.

THEC also voted to recommend $15.8 million in capital maintenance funds for nine MTSU projects, which include hydronic systems renovation, life safety systems updates, building exterior envelope updates, roof replacements, elevator modernization, repair and replacement of campus utility systems (three phases), and sidewalk repair and replacement. In addition, for fiscal year 2023–24, the commission proposed two separate funding requests for special initiatives for ADA improvements and safety and security. MTSU’s portion will be $7.7 million for ADA improvements and $2.1 million for safety and security.

THEC’s recommendations have been submitted to the Department of Finance and Administration for consideration in the proposed state budget that Gov. Bill Lee will be submitting to the state legislature. At that point, we will have more information regarding our likely 2023–24 state and capital appropriations.

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