Post-Tenure Faculty Development Plan

The University's Post-Tenure Faculty Development Plan recognizes that the evaluation system currently in place includes both formative and summative information to identify any faculty not performing to level. This information is provided through the department chairs' performance review which includes:

  1. Review of faculty workload forms to determine appropriateness of assignment each semester;
  2. Annual reviews which minimally include evaluation of teaching, research and /or public service and institutional service;
  3. Administration of student evaluations of teaching faculty minimally every year.

This review process is adequate to identify tenured faculty not performing to level.

In the rare instance when a tenured faculty member has been identified not performing to level, the department chair, in consultation with the tenured faculty member, will develop a written individualized plan to assist the faculty member toward performance consistency with the current institutional support for the university faculty development program. The department chair will review the tenured faculty member's ongoing progress. As part of the annual review, the tenured faculty member will submit a written report of progress toward meeting the goals of the individualized plan.

The faculty member may appeal the department chair's evaluation through the University grievance process.