Faculty Office Hours and On-Campus Obligations

General Personnel Policy, Section V

MTSU General Personnel Policy defines full-time employment as 37.5 hours per week. All full-time personnel including faculty shall be required to devote a minimum of 37.5 hours per week to the institution or school, and shall maintain appropriate office hours as determined by the President (or his or her designee). Calculation of the 37.5 hour week shall follow such standards as put in place by the President. The MTSU policy that a faculty member must spend at least 30 hours per week engaged in on-campus activities is a long standing one. Such campus activities include classroom and laboratory teaching, office hours for students, advising, committee meetings, and other professional responsibilities. The remaining time in the work week is available for on or off-campus research and public service endeavors. Variations from this pattern should have the prior approval of the department chairperson in advance.

General office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except when office hours must be adjusted to meet the requirements of night, Saturday, summer, and off-campus class offerings.