Starting Fall 2024, MTSU offers Minor adn Concentration in Quantum Science and Information. For inquiries please contact Dr. Ron Henderson ( and Dr. Hanna Terletska(


  • For College StudentsMTSU QSInitiative offers two Qauntum Computing courses for Undegraduate students from ALL STEM majors. 

  • Quantum Computing 2 course: Application and Professional Certificate (a joint MTSU-Fisk University course ) offered Fall 2023.


  • Undergraduate course "Introduction to Quantum Computing" (PHYS-3050) Spring 2023: An introduction to quantum science and quantum computing for all CBAS majors. Instructor: Dr. Hanna Terletska


  •  COMS 7654: "Professional Seminar on Quantum Computing" (Spring 2023): An introduction to quantum computing for students in the Computational and Data Science Ph.D. Program.  Instructor: Dr. John Wallin

  • For High School Students