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Check our calendar for dates, times, and locations of workshops and cultural events. 

Workshop Completion Form

Workshops are offered by SSS, the Office of Student Success, and the Career Development Center (CDC) along with other departments and MTSU staff. SSS members remember to complete the SSS Workshop Evaluation form for every workshop. 

New! Workshop Completion Form

Online Workshops

For New Members

New Participants

Click on the image below to complete the New Student Orienation workshop. After completing the presentation, complete the New Student Orienation quiz

New Student Orientation - Fall 2024


Financial Literacy - Fall 2023

Freshmen & Sophomores: Complete the Reviewing Your Financial Aid Award worksheet. Log into Pipeline and write in the accepted award amounts. 

Juniors & Seniors: Complete the Know Your Loan Total worksheet. Use your FAFSA ID log into the Federal Student Aid website  and write in the total subsidized, unsubsidized, and other loan amounts. 

All: Complete the Managing Your Student Loans: Basic Understanding of the Repayment Process workshop and quiz below. Remember to complete a SSS Workshop Evaluation form

Managing Your Student Loans2022

Managing Your Student Loans Quiz


Enneagram Workshop 

Complete the Enneagram workshop and worksheet. Remember to complete the SSS Workshop Evaluation form.

Enneagram Workshop

Enneagram Worksheet


Graduate School Research 

Print off the graduate school research worksheet. Research three (3) to five (5) possible graduate schools that interest you. Review worksheets with your SSS counselor and turn in forms to the front office. Click here for the sample worksheet. 

Graduate School Research Worksheet

Graduate School Research Evaluation


Graduate School Checklist

Use the Graduate School Checklist  to help track your progress from application through acceptance. Review your checklist with your SSS counselor. 


Time Management - Using Your Planner

Click on the image and work through the Time Management workshop. Complete the quiz and submit the workshop evaluation form after completing the workshop.

Using Your Planner Workshop


Welcome to LinkedIn Learning

SSS is utilizing LinkedIn Learning for workshop opportunities this semester! Below you can learn how to create a LinkedIn profile and start completing LinkedIn Learning modules. Click on your classification to complete the modules. After completing the modules, download and send the certificate to, and complete the workshop evaluation form

Linked In with LinkedIn: Creating a Standout LinkedIn Profile

Click on the image and work through the Linked In with LinkedIn workshop. Submit the workshop evaluation form after completing the workshop. 
Linked In with LinkedIn 

Accessing LinkedIn Learning with your MTSU account

  1. Log in to the access portal at: the page loads, you will see the Office 365 sign-in page.
  2. Students: Under “Work / School Microsoft Account” credentials enter your MTMail Then type in your MTMail password.
  3. Click the Sign-in button. Choose “Work or School.”
  4. From here, click on the Linkedin Learning tile (if you do not see it, click on the tiles icon in the upper left hand corner, click on “All apps” and click on Linkedin Learning under “Admin selected apps.”
  5. You can also go directly to LinkedIn Learning

SSS LinkedIn Learning Paths

Pick a learning path based on your classification. When finished, download and send the certificate to, and complete the workshop evaluation form


Freshmen    Sophomore

Junior  Senior


SSS LinkedIn Learning Collections

Choose a Collection and complete at least two sessions. Courses longer than one hour can count for multiple workshops. When finished, download and send the certificate to, and complete the workshop evaluation form

Career   Financial Literacy - LinkedIn Learning 

Study Skills - LinkedIn Learning

Welcome New Students! 
Welcome New Students!
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