Zoom Video Conferencing

We are excited to announce that MTSU is launching Zoom as our new web conferencing solution.  We have selected Zoom for its simplicity and reliability, not to mention consistency across devices for a seamless user experience.

Zoom provides remote conferencing services using cloud computing. Zoom offers communications software that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration. It’s easy to use, and we think you'll find it to be a more effective way to communicate in your day-to-day!

Sign Into Zoom

Do not use your full email address (firstname.lastname@mtsu.edu) to login, use your FSA username@mtsu.edu (i.e. ######@mtsu.edu).  If you already have created a free account before this weekend, Zoom will ask if you want to convert your free account to an MTSU account.

Based on advice from the FBI and other sources, these steps must be followed to avoid ‘Zoom bombing’:

  • USE the MTSU Zoom system discussed on this site, NOT the free version.
  • SET a password for your Zoom meeting
    Zoom Password Setting
  • VERIFY only the host can share the screen to prevent unwanted users from crashing your Zoom session:
    Zoom Participants Setting
  • USE the waiting room feature to control who you admit into your meetings:
    Zoom Waiting Room Option
  • GENERATE a Meeting ID automatically rather than using one personal meeting ID for all meetings:
    Zoom Meeting ID
  • ENSURE your Zoom software stays current with the latest updates from Zoom.
  • DO NOT post Zoom invitations on social media and other public online forums. Only send Zoom invitations to those who need it.

Support & Training Resources