Zoom for Students

Zoom Etiquette:

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Zoom Security

With recent headlines referring to Zoom bombing (aka disrupting a Zoom meeting usually by displaying pornography or other profanity) at educational institutions, it’s important that students know MTSU has taken the following steps to keep you safe during remote online learning with Zoom: 

  • MTSU purchased a Zoom enterprise license for education, meaning faculty, staff, and students do not have to use the free version
  • MTSU enabled default security settings for all MTSU Zoom users to help prevent Zoom bombing, such as requiring meetings use passwords by default and limiting screensharing to Zoom meeting hosts only by default
  • MTSU provided guidance on Zoom security best practices to MTSU faculty and staff
  • MTSU enabled single sign-on with multi-factor authentication to protect MTSU Zoom accounts from unauthorized access 

Access your Zoom account:

Students have access to a Zoom account and can host their own meetings.