Compliance & Regulatory Information & Links

Compliance & Regulatory Information 

MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between MTSU/City of Murfreesboro to be co-permittees for the NPDES General Permit for Phase II MS4s
 * Amendment to MOU effective 07/01/19 to 06/30/20

MTSU Public Information & Education (PIE) Plan

MTSU Stormwater List of Guidelines and Procedures

MTSU Stormwater Enforcement & Response Plan
 * MTSU Policy 800 - General Personnel Policy
 * MTSU Policy 851 - Subject:  Disciplinary Procedure - Classified Personnel
 * MTSU Policy 852 - Procedures for Personnel Cases Subject to the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act 

Stormwater Advisory Committee  
The Environmental Health & Safety Committee will also function as the Stormwater Advisory Committee, per Policy 735.   *  The EH&S Committee is also one of the university committees approved by MTSU President 
 * MTSU Policies & Procedures

IDDE Guidelines 
 * Outfall Map
 * Procedure on Dry Weather Screening
 * MT Dining Plan for Waste Management 
 * IDDE Complaint Response Procedure

SWPPP for Municipal Operations NOI
 * MTSU Grounds Operations (Integrated Pest Management & Trash Debris Removal) SOP
 * MTSU Outdoor Animal Waste SOP

Construction Runoff & Post-Construction
 * Memorandum of Agreement - MTSU/City of Murfreesboro
 * Construction Flow for Construction Runoff - MTSU/City of Murfreesboro  
 * Construction Runoff Stormwater Process 
 * Construction Site Runoff Control 
 * MTSU Stormwater Plan Review Checklist for Construction 


MTSU Stormwater Map

MTSU / City of Murfreesboro MS4 Annual Report 2017/2018

MTSU/City of Murfreesboro - 2018-2019 Education & Outreach Summary


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