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The Student Advisory Board (SAB) seeks to improve the experience for all students in the Department of Theatre and Dance. The SAB will meet regularly to provide advice on programmatic decisions for the department, major and minor programs, and to share their needs and expectations with departmental faculty and administrators. For student members, the SAB provides opportunity for leadership development and professional growth.



The SAB is a diverse group of approximately ten (10) students who are majoring in Dance or Theatre. There will be 1 representative each for the Dance Society and Alpha Psi Omega organizations, and these representatives will be chosen by the members of each organization.  Additional at-large members will be chosen by a faculty committee based on applications received from students expressing interest in the positions. There will be a freshman representative from theatre and dance as part of that selection. In choosing at-large members, faculty will prioritize the need for diverse voices to inform decision-making. In addition, the SAB should provide equal representation for both the dance and theatre majors and, when possible, the various areas of study within these majors (e.g. teacher licensure/ pedagogy, production, performance, etc.) should also be represented.

Roles & Participation
The previous board identified regular meeting attendance and communication to be essential components of participation for SAB membership. For the 2023-2024 academic year, there will be the following SAB leadership opportunities. A nomination/ selection period will be held during the first semester SAB meeting.

•SAB Secretary
    o generate and distribute SAB meeting notes
•SAB Representatives ( 1 Theatre, 1 Dance)
    o create meeting agendas representing each program


Membership is for the full academic year. Meetings times will be based upon availability of faculty and student members each semester.


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In the box below, please include your STATEMENT OF INTENT in 100 words or less. This is designed to help us understand why you may wish to be an At-Large member of the Theatre & Dance Student Advisory Board. Questions to consider or address may include: What excites you about participating in the SAB? What areas of change would you be interested in seeing in our department? At our University? What does an anti-racist vision of the department mean to you?




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