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Tucker Theatre accommodates major music, dance, theatrical, and television productions, along with performances in intimate settings and a wide variety of such events as award ceremonies, films, pageants, recitals, product launches, receptions, and meetings.

All events at Tucker Theatre are scheduled through our Facilities Manager. Call 615/878-2181 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, or fill out the rental information form under Rental Information.

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  • Tucker Theatre is a proscenium theatre with two side stages.
  • Auditorium Capacity
    • Main Floor: 549 seats
    • Balcony: 290 seats
    • Total: 855 seats (see seating plan)
  • Load-in point: Loading dock at stage level is outside of the scene shop located off stage left. A load-in to the stage is through the shop. The loading door is 9'-0" wide by 10'-0" high.
  • Orchestra Pit: Located under the apron, its use requires significant advance notice. There is no lift system of any kind installed. Floor of the pit is 10'-0" below stage deck level.


  • Proscenium opening: 40'-0" wide and 20'-0" high
  • Height of stage from auditorium floor: 3'-7"
  • Front edge of apron to curtain line: 18'-0" O.C.
  • Curtain line to back wall: 38'-0" O.C.
  • Wing space stage left: 7'-0" and opens into shop.
  • Wing space stage right: 4'-0" off stage of cyc.
  • Height of grid: 50'-5 1/2"
  • Usual trim height: 20'-0" to 22'-0"
  • Crossover: Through hallway behind stage.
  • Stage Floor: Wood floor, slightly resilient, over cement beam support structure.
  • Traps: Three 3'-0" x 6'-0" removable traps (see Floor Plan)
  • Floor surface condition: Fair
  • Side Stages: Proscenium: 11’0” (h) x 16’0”(w); Black velour draw curtain manually operated: Operating lines are D.S.- Curtain Closes to U.S. These positions are difficult to light well.


Map and Directions

Campus MapDorethe and Clay Tucker Theatre and Debra K. Anderson Studio Theatre are located at the heart of the campus of Middle Tennessee State University.  You can reach the theatres by entering campus from Greenland Drive onto Champion Way or Blue Raider Drive, from Rutherford Blvd onto MTSU Blvd, or from Middle Tennesse State University Blvd onto Faulkinberry Drive. Both Theatres are in the Boutwell Dramatic Arts building with the entrance of Tucker Theatre on Champion Way and the entrance to the Studio theatre on MTSU Blvd.  







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