A Midsummer Night's Dream



Egeus........Kyle Kennedy
Titania........Denice Hicks∞
Oberon........Brian Russelװ
Bottom........Justin Hand∞
Puck........Parker Chase*
Hermia........Alexa Pulley
Helena........Kryslin Williams*
Lysander........Chris Anderson
Demetrius........Conner McCabe*
Theseus........Devin Bowles
Hippolyta........Cailin Hurley
Philostrate........Blake Holliday
Peter Quince........Johnathan Carter*
Flute/Thisbe........Jay Mullens*
Snout/Wall........Aaron Johnson*
Snug/Lion........Gabriel Matos
Starveling/Moon........J.R. Knowles
Peaseblossom........Lauren Hawkins
Cobweb........Ren Creasy*
Moth........Meredith Aydelott
Mustardseed........Mallory Gonyea
Sunflower........Kaitlynn Newcomb*
Fox........Chance Rule
Coyote........Matthew Phillips*


Artistic Staff

Director ........Santiago Sosa∞
Scenic Designer........Scott Boyd+
Costume Designer........Tommy Macon
Lighting Designer........Darren Levin+
Projections Designer........John Underwood
Sound Designer........Natalie Bell
Makeup/ Wig Designer........Nora Fischer
Voice/ Text Coach........Morgan Davis
Dramaturg........Courtney Coppa*
Assistant Director........Roberto Ramirez*
Assistant Scenic Designer........Megan Inmon*
Assistant Costume Designer........Dakota Byrn
Assistant Lighting Designer........Erin Moore 


Production Staff

Stage Manager........Christian Potts
Assistant Stage Managers........Caroline Darwin, Virginia Tipps
Production Manager........Justin Reed
Technical Director........Nick Ryan
Assistant Technical Director........Alex Riggs*
Master Carpenter........Jay Mullens*
Scenic Studio Staff........Alex Riggs*, Jay Mullens*, Matthew Phillips*
Scenic Charge........Megan Inmon*
Stage Management Faculty Advisor........Kate Goodwin
Costume Coordinator........Trish Clark
Costume Studio Manager........Amy Hipp
First Hand Costume........Nora Fischer
Costume Studio Staff........Audrey Reed, Amanda Mover
Wardrobe Crew Head........Mary Moreland
Wardrobe Crew........Students of THEA 3200
Makeup Assistant........Students of THEA 3100
Properties Master........Laura Pickard
Master Electrician........Brian Elliot
Lighting Crew........Students of THEA 3400
Run Crew Head........Brendan Woods
Run Crew........Kate Tiller, Aaron Gains, Kyle Street, Jessica Hesson
Light Board Op........Andrew Perry
Spot Light Op........Riley Smith, Kameron Williams
Sound Engineer........Anna Angeles
Deck Electricians........Ian Cabbage, Daniel Webb
Box Office Manager........Ben Spurlock*
House Manager........Mark Marchan*
Marketing Coordinator........Megan Castleberry*


*Memebers of Alpha Psi Omega
+Members of United Scenic Artists 829

Student Bios


Parker Chase (Puck)  a professional ice cream eater and critic. Her favorite ice cream flavors include Graeter's mint chocolate chip, Haag Das' chocolate, and Breyer' coffee. She is currently on an ice cream leave due to her performance in MidSummer. If you feel so inclined please bring her pints of any of these three ice cream flavors as after show favors.  She's extremely grateful to Santiago and thanks her awesome friends and family for their support! 

Alexa Pulley (Hermia) is a freshman at MTSU. This is her first production with the department and she is excited to be a part of such an incredible show. She is also thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with and learn from the wonderful individuals of the Nashville Shakespeare Festival.

kryslinKryslin Williams (Helena) is a senior theatre major. She previously performed in Kafka’s Metamorphosis  (Body) and A Streetcar Named Desire  (Eunice Hubble.) She would like to thank Santiago for including squats in rehearsal so she doesn’t feel bad about missing so many gym appointments.

chrisChris Anderson (Lysander)  enjoys acting because he gets to indulge in another person’s life style rather than living in his own. "You only have one life to live. Don’t live it one dimensionally."

connerConner McCabe (Demetrius) would like to thank William Shakespeare for writing in iambic pentameter, a writing style that allows Conner to stress every other word without being made fun of for it by his “friends.”

devonDevon Bowles (Theseus) is a sophomore theatre major. His previous credits include Peter Pan, and Sister Act. 

cailinCailin Hurley (Hippolyta) is a junior at MTSU pursuing a Theatre major and a minor in Video Production Technology. She is a transfer Student from Pellissippi State Community College where she received an Associates of Science in Theatre. Recent credits include Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (Female Ensemble) and Lauryn Spencer is Ready to Die (Mom.) She is grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful cast and crew. She sends her thanks to her family and friends for their constant love and support. Enjoy the show!


blakeBlake Holliday (Philostrate) is currently in his final semester here at MTSU. He is majoring in Journalism and minoring in both Theatre and Fashion Merchandising. Some of his favorite past credits include Jason/Tyrone in Hand to God (Actors Bridge Ensemble), Female Greek Chorus in How I Learned to Driv(MTSU), Mind in Kafka's Metamorphosis (MTSU), and William Barfée in the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (Pulltight Players). He is excited for this opportunity, and to work with this fantastic cast and crew!


johnJohnothan Carter (Peter Quince) is a Senior theatre major here at MTSU and this is his first Shakespeare production. His previous credits include Kafka's Metamorphosis (Father), Brighton Beach Memoirs (Jack), and Peter Pan (Starkey). After graduation, Johnathan hopes to pursue a career in stage acting as well as stage combat and voice acting. He would also like to thank Santiago Sosa for allowing him this wonderful opportunity and for pushing him to new and exciting levels. Now, let's offend!........but with GOOD will!

jayJay Mullens (Flute/Thisbe) is a senior theatre major here at MTSU. He is very excited to be working with Santiago and the whole Midsummer cast. He has previously been seen as CB in Dog Sees God, Phil/Steve in Almost, Maine, and Eugene Jerome in Brighton Beach Memoirs here at MTSU. He also serves as the president for the Theatre Honors Society as well as Master Carpenter for the  MTSU Theatre and Dance department. He is thankful for the time he has spent here and all the love and support he's gotten from friends, family, and professors. Finally, he hopes you enjoy the show!

aaronAaron Johnson (Snout/ Wall) is a Junior Theatre Major, and he is excited to be in his very first Shakespeare production. His former roles include Gabe Goodman (Next to Normal), Simon Zealot (Jesus Christ Superstar), and Col. Williamson (Trumpet in the Land). Being directed by Santiago Sosa has taught him that certain productions will require different strengths and energy from the actor, and the best part is discovering those qualities to better the experience and performance. He would like to thank all of his friends, family, and loved ones for their enormous amount of love and support. He hopes you enjoy the show!


gabeGabirel Matos (Snug/Lion)  is a sophomore Audio Production major from Atlanta. He has loved growing as actor with the cast of Midsummer under the direction of Santiago. He’d like to thank Mr. Sosa, the Assistant Director, Stage Manager Christian Potts, and all of the creatives for putting time and effort into him and the show as a whole. Now sit back, relax, and enjoy! 

jrJR Knowles (Starveling/Moon)  is alive and well and happy to be back at MTSU. JR loves working with the Nashville Shakespeare Festival, and has assisted their sound crew in providing sweet sounds to Shakespeare in the Park audiences for several years, and so it is an honor to have this opportunity to learn from them onstage. Gratitude goes out to the cast for their energy, the crew for their dedication, and to you, for supporting your local arts. Thank you and enjoy the show.

laurenLauren Hawkins (Peaseblossom)  is excited to be in her first production at MTSU. Some of her past credits include M'lady in The Three Musketeers and Portia in Julius Caesar. She is thankful to have gotten the opportunity to learn from and work with such a talented cast and crew. Thank you so much to all who have made this show possible! 

renRen Creasy (Cobweb)  is a super senior at MTSU with a focus in acting and writing. She has enjoyed her time here in the Theatre department and is pleased to close out her collegiate career with Shakespeare. She would like to thank her family, her wifey (Beth Ann Stripling), and the rest of the cast and crew of Midsummer. She has learned so much from this production and has greatly enjoyed the collaboration with Nashville Shakes! 

mereMeredith Aydelott (Moth) is a freshman theatre major at MTSU. This is her first production here, and it is her first Shakespeare production as well. Recent credits include Ethel in Footloose and Annette inAnnie. She is excited and thankful to take part in this production, and she hopes that you enjoy the show!

malMallory Gonyea (Mustardseed) is a sophomore theatre major with a directing focus. She would like to thank everyone in MTSU's theatre department for making the transition to the department an easy and enjoyable one!

kaitKaitlynn Newcomb (Sunflower) has loved working on this wonderful show and she can't wait for you to see it! She has previously been in Peter Pan and recently assistant stage managed How I Learned to Drive. She would like to thank Santiago Sosa for this opportunity, her mom and dad, Melanie, and Scott. 


chanceChance Rule (Fox) is a Junior in Middle Tennessee State Universities Theatre program.  This is his third show with Nashville Shakespeare Festival, and he has loved every second of it.

mattMatthew Phillips (Coyote) is a sophomore at MTSU, and is delighted to be playing Coyote in A Midsummer Night's Dream. You may have seen him onstage as a Pirate in Peter Pan, but more recently he has been working as an assistant stage manager for Brighton Beach Memoirs and How I Learned to Drive. He has become very familiar with wax strips for this role for going from bear to bare.

noraNora Fischer (Makeup/Wig Design) is a senior theatre major. This is the first show she was a lead designer and would like to thank everyone who gave her the opportunity. 

courtneyCourtney Coppa (Dramaturg)  is a super senior theatre major with a focus in directing. This is her first time doing dramaturgical work and has absolutely fallen in love with the Shakespearean world.  Her previous credits include Director for Brighton Beach Memoirs and Gruesome Playground Injuries as well Assistant Director for Kafka's Metamorphosis and The Magic Play at the Goodman Theatre. "No more words. Away...Go Away."

robbieRobbie Ramirez (Assistant Director)

meganMegan Inmon (Assistant Scenic Designer)

dakotaDakota Byrn (Assistant Costume Designer) is a junior year theatre major student. He has worked as the costume designer for Next to Normal and assistant costume designer for A Streetcar Named Desire. Midsummer has been a fun and exciting show for him to work on.

erinErin Moore (Assistant Lighting Designer) is a Senior majoring in film and television production. This semester she was the video projection designer for How I learned to Drive, and she previously worked as a lighting designer for the Spring 2017 Dance Concert, and will design for the Fall 2017 Dance concert later this semester. 

christianChristian Potts (Stage Manager)  is currently in his second year at MTSU. He was first seen in the MTSU Theatre and Dance program for Walking in Sunlight: The Life and Legacy of Uncle Dave Macon (Stage Manager). Since then he has worked on Peter Pan (Assistant Stage Manager), Next to Normal (Assistant Stage Manager), and Gruesome Playground Injuries (Stage Manager). He would like to thank Stage Door Productions in Memphis, TN for their continuous support and love for him and all of the opportunities he has been given! He hopes you are ready to sit back, relax and enjoy this wonderful show!!

caroCaroline Darwin (Assistant Stage Manager) this is her first time on a stage management team for a show on this scale, but has grown so much from the experience and is so thankful for the opportunities from MTSU.

virVirginia Tipps (Assistant Stage Manager) is a junior at MTSU and in her second year pursuing a theatre degree! After spending a year at Rhodes College as a music major, she is beyond excited to have returned to her hometown of Murfreesboro to study what she loves most. This is her first time involved in a main stage show at MTSU and she is excited to continue working with the incredible staff and students throughout her time in coming years.


alexAlex Riggs (Assistant Technical Director) is a Technical Direction student at MTSU. She made her Technical Directorial debut earlier this season with Brighton Beach Memoirs. She would like to thank her friends and family for their unending support.

lauraLaura Pickard (Props Mistress) is a Sophomore, Theatre major, and Writing minor here at MTSU. She is an experienced writer, actor, and composer with aspirations of making a career as a playwright. This is Laura’s first endeavor as a prop master and she is grateful for the opportunity and learning experience.

brenBrendan Woods (Run Crew Head)

annaAnna Angeles (Sound Engineer) is a sophomore double majoring in Audio Production and Theatre. Early this year, she was involved as the sound designer for Brighton Beach Memoirs. She would like to thank the MTSU Theatre Department for welcoming her during her first semester and she hopes to get to work with everyone during the remaining of her time at MTSU.


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