Transfer Equivalencies

There are 11 transfer equivalencies on file for North Central Institute*

Transfer Course Transfer Title MTSU Course MTSU Title
AV 0001 Aircraft Inspections AERO 2331 Airframe Inspection
GA 0101 General Airfram AERO 1010 Introduction to Aerospace
GE 0102 Fund of Math MATH ELLD LD: Fund of Math
LCAP 0101 General Aeronautics AERO 2331 Airframe Inspection
LCAP 0102 Federal Aviation AERO 1340 Intro to Aerospace Maintenance
LCAP 0110 Basic Electricity ET 3610 Intro Electricity Electronics
LCAP 0122 Welding AERO 2371 Aircraft Welding
LCAP 0125 Flt Line Maint AERO 1380 Aero Maintenance Shop Practice
LCAPA 0117 Sheet Metal & Non-Metallic Str AERO 2381 Non-Metallic Structures
LCAPA 0118 Welding AERO 2371 Aircraft Welding
LCAPA 0120 Aircraft Inspection AERO 2331 Airframe Inspection