Graduate Financial Support

Our program offers nine-month M.A. assistantships that provide tuition reimbursement as well as a $6,500 annual stipend and 12-month Ph.D. assistantships that provide tuition reimbursement as well as a $14,000 annual stipend. In return, students on assistantships provide service for the department. For example, recipients might provide support for faculty research projects or teach one course per semester.

Assistantships are awarded competitively and are retained by students as long as they remain in good standing (two years for M.A. students and four years for Ph.D. students). For example, the recipient of a Ph.D. assistantship would remain in good standing if that recipient were a full time student taking a full course load (or, later, working full time on the dissertation) and earning satisfactory grades (As and/or Bs) in these courses. In the fall of this recipient's first year, the student would take ECON 7010 (Macroeconomics I), ECON 7020 (Microeconomics I), ECON 7060 (Econometrics I), and ECON 6105 (Advanced Mathematical Methods). Then, in the spring, the recipient would take ECON 7030 (Macroeconomics II), ECON 7040 (Microeconomics II), ECON 7070 (Econometrics II), and ECON 7660 (History of Economic Thought). Being a full-time student also presumes that the student will not hold another position of employment.

Because assistantships are offered to our best applicants, we do not have a minimum GPA or GRE score required for receipt (other than program admission minimums). The application deadline to be considered for financial assistance is March 31.


All applications and supporting documents must be submitted to the College of Graduate Studies.

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