True Blue Accreditation

The Program

The purpose of the accreditation program is threefold:

  1. Allows chapter leaders the autonomy to assess and identify where challenges exist and where improvements can be made within their organization
  2. Allows chapters the capability to align the values of their organization with the institution’s values outlined in the True Blue pledge
  3. Allows for additional and intentional support from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life  

Chapter Objectives

Chapters will create objectives for each calendar year. Objectives will be submitted to FSL during the chapter’s first initial accreditation meeting. Chapter leaders will create a minimum of two objectives under each True Blue Area of Achievement. Objectives should support the mission and values of the chapter’s organization and those of the True Blue Pledge.

True Blue Areas of Achievement:

  1. Learning
  2. Growth
  3. Service
  4. Health and Safety
  5. Respect for Diversity
  6. Engagement in the Community

Accreditation Measures

Chapters will be given a status of “True Blue-Exceeds Expectations,” “Meets Expectations” or “Does Not Meet Expectations.” Each chapter’s status will be determined by an Accreditation Committee composed of MTSU faculty and staff and a student representative from each council. Chapter leaders will be given 20 minutes to present to the Accreditation Committee their objectives for the year and what actions the chapter took to achieve objectives. A five minute question and answer period will follow each presentation.

Accreditation Statuses Defined:

True Blue-Exceeds Expectations – The chapter met goals in each of the True Blue Areas of Achievement and has added value to the MTSU fraternity and sorority community over the past year.  The FSL Staff will look for the chapter to set goals that require them to stretch even further for continued success.

Meets Expectations – The chapter has done well in several of the True Blue Areas of Achievement and has shown signs of progress but stills has areas for further development. Given another year with the chapter growing and continuing to push themselves the chapter could be True Blue in future years. 

Does Not Meet Expectations – The committee noted that the chapter had strived to reach its goals but still has some work to do and needs to focus on improving the core areas of operation. "Does Not Meet Expectations" status does not reflect the loss of chapter privileges. Instead it reflects a time allocated for growth and achievement within the chapter. Chapters on "Does Not Meet Expectations" status will work with FSL staff to develop and implement a three year Chapter Development Plan.

A chapter receiving “Does Not Meet Expectations” status for three consecutive years will be under review with the university and an intentional discussion will be had involving advisors, chapter leaders, and Headquarters staff regarding the chapter’s relevancy at MTSU.

Chapters failing to present or to meet the Minimum Standards listed below  will be under review with the university and an intentional discussion will be had involving advisors, chapter leaders, and Headquarters staff regarding the chapter’s relevancy at MTSU.

Minimum Standards

In an effort to fulfill basic administrative needs all chapters must meet the expectations below in order to be accredited. Additionally, the minimum expectations are designed to ensure the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life is meeting the needs of our community members.

  • Attendance requirements must be fulfilled for ALL identified True Blue events.
  • Chapter leaders must meet with FSL staff a minimum of two times per semester to discuss objectives.
  • Chapter must have a minimum yearly semester GPA of 2.5.
  • Rosters, Bid Acceptance Forms, and Officer Update Forms must be submitted by established deadlines.
  • At least one chapter representative must be in attendance at All-Council meetings.
  • Chapter must not have any major university judicial violations or currently be on judicial sanctioning.

Points to Consider

  • Accreditation statuses will be posted on the FSL website.
  • Chapters must achieve “True Blue” or “Meet Expectations” to apply for FSL Awards.
  • Chapters will have an assigned “Accreditation Liaison” from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.
  • Supporting materials will be made available on the FSL website to assist chapters with setting objectives and accreditation presentations.

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