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Cereal - Thinking Outside the Box

Unit 1: Food, Feed, and Fuel
This unit will introduce the beginning of Ag and its influence on science, technology, and civilization.

Unit 2: Cooking with Whole Grains
Explore some of the many different types of cereal grains produced on the farm and how to use them to make healthy porridges, side dishes and soup. 

Unit 3: Four Ingredient Baking
In this unit, learn all of the amazing things you can cook with just four ingredients!

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Dairy in the Kitchen

Unit 1: Fuel Your Good with Delicious Dairy
Take a journey from Farm to School learning about farming practices, dairy nutrition, and how dairy is good for you and the planet.

Unit 2: Yogurt & You
Learn how to make delicious yogurt and how yogurt can be a nutritious part of a healthy diet.

Module 3 Image

Save It for Later

Unit 1: Long Lasting Leftovers
Explore some simple ways to save your casseroles, soups, sauces, and more! 

Unit 2: Dry My Foods
Learn how to dry your own food and explore simple methods to preserve your harvest.

Unit 3: A Pickle a Day
Learn how to make delicious refrigerator pickles to enjoy as a snack!

Unit 4: Frozen Things
Freeze those peas and explore some simple methods to preserve your harvest. 

Unit 5: Fruit Is My Jam
Learn how to make easy freezer jam and explore simple methods to preserve your harvest.

Module 4 Image

Chicken Coop, Chicken Soup

Unit 1: Birds Love Bugs
If you ever thought chickens were vegetarians, check out this unit to find out what kinds of bugs and critters they eat in your yard.

Unit 2: Inside My Egg
Explore a chicken egg from the inside out - this unit will teach you about the life cycle of a chicken on the farm.

Unit 3: Chicken Coop
Use this unit to design and construct your own chicken coop and learn about some popular breeds for your backyard flock.  No yard, no problem - use the modified activity instructions to construct a chicken house model!

Unit 4: Chicken Soup
In this unit, we will explore use of the whole chicken in the kitchen by making chicken soup from scratch.

Unit 5: Eggs-cellent Experiments
Discover new ways to enjoy eggs. From sweet to savory, these edible experiments are worth trying!

Module 5 Image

Fast Food at Home

Unit 1: Breakfast on the Run
Try new foods and learn about healthy but quick breakfast recipes with this unit.

Unit 2: Lunchtime!
Explore new recipes, ingredient swaps, and sustainable practices for healthy lunchtime meals!

Unit 3: Dinner is (Pre)served!
Learn how to use what you already have stored to make delicious meals.

Unit 4: Healthy Snacks and Drinks
In this unit you will learn about many options for making and eating healthy snacks and drinks. In addition, you will learn why they are so important for growing minds and bodies.

Unit 5: Cooking on a Budget
Discover ways to save not only money but also time on meal prep.

Unit 6: Large Batch Cooking
Maximizing time and resources when cooking helps meal preparation be more efficient.

Module 6 Image

All About the Cows

Unit 1: A Day in the Life
This unit will give learners a glimpse into the life of the cow on a farm and the milk production process!

Unit 2: From Grass to Steak
Learn about the food safety of cooking mouthwatering beef on the grill.

Unit 3: Burgers and Bones
Learn about the by-products of beef all while enjoying a delicious burger.

Module 7 Image

Bacon the Pig

Unit 1: Pigs Love Slop
The unit will explore the role of the pig in agriculture as well as technology and careers in the field.

Unit 2: Ham Sandwich
Learn the process and science of making ham - it's so easy, you can do it at home!

Module 8 Image

What's in the Barn?

Unit 1: Types of Barns
Learn the history of barns and their various types.

Unit 2: Hay
Check out how hay is created, stored, and used to feed animals!

Unit 3: Equipment
Take a ride on the tractors and combines used on the farm.

Unit 4: Tools
The rake and hoe may be small, but they are very important in the agriculture world!

Module 9 Image

Barnyard Buddies, Pasture Pals

Unit 1: Goats
Learn about goat breeds, food and by-products they provide, and more in this unit!

Unit 2: Sheep
Learn about the diverse products that sheep provide.

Unit 3: Turkeys
Learn about turkeys, their impact on agriculture, and their nutritional value.

Unit 4: Rabbits
This unit explores how domestic and wild rabbits play an important role on the farm.

Unit 5: Horses
Learn all about horses on the farm from taking care of horses, horse history, and their role in agriculture.

Module 10 Image

Feed the Bees

Unit 1: Creating a Pollinator Garden
We all have a favorite food and so do bees and other important pollinators in the garden! This unit will introduce some flowers and trees that bees can't get enough of and teach you how to create a pollinator garden in your backyard!

Unit 2: Bee Life
Use this unit to learn about the life cycle of a honeybee. From nurses and workers to drones and the queen bee herself, explore the different bee jobs in the hive and how bees work together to build the colony. 

Unit 3: A Stroll Through the Bee Yard
Take a closer look inside the hive and learn how beekeepers work together with honeybees to pollinate plants on the farm and provide us (humans) with honey and beeswax. 

Unit 4: The Honey Jar
This unit will introduce some fun and healthy uses for honey in the kitchen. Make cooked and uncooked treats sweetened with honey! Also, learn how this natural sweetener is made by honeybees and the process it goes through to make it into our kitchen.

Unit 5: The Bees Knees: The Important and Fascinating Lives of Bees
In this unit you will learn why bees are such a fascinating, important creatures! Not only do they help pollinate the plants we eat, but they amaze us with their complex communication systems, including the waggle dance and hot defensive bee balls!

Module 11 Image

My Own Garden

Unit 1: Growing (and Eating) with the Seasons
This unit will explore how to grow (and eat) fresh produce year-round. 

Unit 2: Gardens of all Shapes & Sizes
Get your veggies growing starting with the design and construction of your own window, container or raised bed garden.

Unit 3: Composting
This unit will introduce students to the process of composting!

Unit 4: From Seed to Sprout
Plant a seed and watch it grow! Explore the life cycle of a sprout. 

Unit 5: My Homegrown Salad
It is not just about lettuce. Use this unit to explore all the other ingredients that you can grow for your garden salad and the dressing too!

Unit 6: Spicing up Your Garden!
Explore how to grow herbs and use them in recipes.

Unit 7: Soil
This unit will introduce students to the world of soil!

Module 12 Image

Farm Fashion

Unit 1: Fantastic Fibers
In this unit, the learner will explore various types of fibers that we use and wear in our everyday lives.

Unit 2: Fleece
This unit explores various farm animals and their hair or fur that is used to create fleece. You’ll learn about what types of products are made from fleece too.

Unit 3: Leather
This unit explores how leather goods are made from various animal by-products.

Unit 4: Natural Fabric Dyes
Dyeing fabric can be accomplished with things found in nature! In this unit you will practice dyeing fabric with natural farm products, like fruit and flowers.

Unit 5: Cotton
See the journey from that tiny seed to the shirt on your back!


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