AMP Certification

Earning AMP Certification

Each academic year, advisors can earn AMP certification through our designated point system. Points are earned various ways, including attending professional development events, presenting at conferences, teaching, taking classes, completing special projects, and earning outside certifications. Remember, half of advisors certification points must come from AMP sponsored events. Use the left-side menu to access the official points guide and a calendar of upcoming sponsored events. To request points, click the appropriate link below to be directed to the dynamic form. Feel free to submit any questions to the AMP Chair or Dr. Sluder. The AMP committee meets monthly to review any point submissions. 

How to Earn Points    Required Points     Conference Verification Form        Request for AMP Points     

Questions about your current point standing? Send an email to the AMP Chair or Dr. Sluder. 

Certified Advisor, Use Your AMP Funds!

Funding is available to MTSU advisors who received AMP certification the prior academic year.  To submit a funding requests, email Dr. Sluder and copy the AMP Committee Chairperson.  Funding preference goes towards professional development travel like conferences, but here are other examples of fund use:

  • webinar and conference registration fees
  • books pertaining to academic advising and your professional development
  • certification programs
  • professional classes outside of MTSU (remember MTSU employees get to use a fee waiver!)

Be creative!  If interested in something, just ask. All funding requests must go through Dr. Sluder for final approval.