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I hope that this letter finds you enjoying your Summer vacation, and that you are excited to start the next chapter in your life at MTSU! It’s been crazy trying to move forward with life in this trying environment, but we will all prevail and reach for new heights soon!


I just wanted to drop you a little note to ask you to consider joining the Band of Blue Marching Band for this coming football season and fall semester. Let me add that if you are not going to MTSU, then I hope you will perform on your instrument wherever your college career takes you. For those of you that are going to MTSU next fall, let me tell you a little bit about what we have to offer a member of the Band of Blue Marching Band.

First of all, you need to realize that being in the Band of Blue is fun! The directors and students work hard to make sure that all of our activities and performances are fun and entertaining. Imagine the thrill of getting a great response from thousands of fans at all the football games we’re going to perform for this Fall! Conjure the feelings you will get as a performer in the annual Contest of Champions, where the Band of Blue has performed in exhibition for the past 57 years! Pep assemblies, ballgames, parades, picnics, and civic festivals are just part of all the cool events for which the Band of Blue performs. And, lest I forget, it should be mentioned that the most fun aspect of the Band of Blue are the members. Where else will you find 300+ people that love music and marching band? You will have the time of your life, and will make friends that will last a lifetime. The people you meet through the MTSU marching band may be the biggest benefit we offer!

Next, and very important, please realize that you have plenty of time to be in the Band of Blue Marching Band. I’m willing to bet that it takes a lot less time than your high school Band! Additionally, almost all of our members have part time jobs – so it is very possible to have a part-time job and be in the marching band (and still make good grades.) Please realize that most new students are amazed at the amount of free time that have in college when compared to high school. You will need some outlet or activity to fill in that time, and the Band of Blue is just the right activity to fill out your college experience! You even get the advantage of moving in early if you plan to live in a university dormitory.

Let me close this letter by telling you that should you join the MTSU Band of Blue, you will be a part of an organization that is loved on our campus, in the town of Murfreesboro, and in the whole Middle Tennessee area. I hear of colleges and universities where it’s not a cool thing to be in band – fortunately such is not the case at MTSU! We are loved and appreciated by University President McPhee, the faculty, the athletic teams, and the students. You are important at MTSU if you are in the band! If you have any questions, please email me. I want to help you make the best decisions possible for your college career!

Yours in Music and Marching
Professor C
The Band of Blue Marching Band - MUEN 3100


How to become a member of the MTSU Band of Blue at a glance…….. Who can join?

Any student at MTSU may participate in the Band of Blue! You certainly don’t have to be a music major! (The band is mostly non-music majors). There are currently no auditions for wind spots, but you may be asked to play a little at band camp so we know what part to put you on. Percussionists must audition during the first couple of days during band camp. Music for marching Percussion auditions will be on the Band website before the end of May. If Percussionists can’t find the audition music online, they should email Prof. Cornish for percussion placement music –

Spots for Flag, Majorette, and Dance Team are by audition only. Colorguard video auditions will continue until July 1. Interested in Colorguard? View requirements.

What does it cost?

Very little! A pair of black marching shoes, and we even give you money for food during our required band camp. All uniforms, transportation, meal per diem when we travel, etc. is provided. Furthermore, all members successfully completing all requirements of the class receive a stipend from the university at the end of the fall semester. Dorm students get to move in early for free!

How much time does it take once the semester begins?

Probably less than you think! Our normal rehearsal schedule is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1:00-2:45 pm. On football game days, we have a warm-up rehearsal before the game.

How do I join?

When you enroll at MTSU, tell your advisor that you want to join the Band of Blue. When you fill out your class schedule, include The Band of Blue Marching Band, MUEN-3100 as one of your classes. You will receive one credit for the class, and the credit can be used as a PE substitute. You must be enrolled in the class to be a member. You also must attend band camp.

The class for which you sign up: The Band of Blue Marching Band - MUEN 3100

When is band camp?

Band camp begins Monday, August 21st and goes through Saturday, August 26th. The Percussion sections start on Sunday August 20th. Check in for early dorm move-in occurs Sunday, August 20th, 11-2 pm. Further details about schedules, what to bring, when and where to arrive, how to check into dorms, etc. will be emailed to you in early August.

Additional course numbers for playing in our concert bands

  • Symphonic Band: MUEN-3110
  • Wind Ensemble: MUEN-3120

Auditions for placement in these ensembles will occur the first week of the fall semester. Audition music for these ensembles is available on the Band website.


Further questions? E-mail Prof. Cornish at We look forward to having you as a member of the MTSU Band of Blue!