Concert Ensembles

Wind Ensemble

Conducted by Dr. Reed Thomas, The Middle Tennessee State University Wind Ensemble is the premier performing ensemble for wind, brass, and percussion students at the university. Members are selected through audition each semester and comprise the best musicians at MTSU. The ensemble explores the vast range of the wind repertoire by utilizing a flexible instrumentation approach where the repertoire dictates the number of players for each piece. The ensemble is dedicated to performing outstanding and challenging works of diverse musical styles while furthering wind music of artistic and historical significance. Performing three to five concerts each semester, they also tour extensively throughout the region. The Wind Ensemble is quickly becoming recognized as one of the outstanding university ensembles in the country and abroad. They have been invited to perform in Thailand, Korea, Japan, and several European countries. Membership is open to all MTSU students and is based upon successful audition.

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Symphonic Band

Conducted by Mr. Craig Cornish, The Middle Tennessee State University Symphonic Band has the distinction of being the band program's top symphonic ensemble. Its select mission is to provide instrumentalists with an opportunity to demonstrate and develop the techniques and musical instincts appropriate to a symphonic setting. With an emphasis on the distinctive characteristics of the large wind and percussion ensemble, the symphonic band's repertoire is culled from the rich resources of the wind band tradition. The MTSU Symphonic Band fosters the highest performance standards while offering its members an opportunity to expand their technical, intellectual, and musical horizons. The ensemble seeks to broaden performance and pedagogical skills through the programming of exemplary wind band literature while fostering an interest in the band as an integral part of the American musical scene. Membership is open to all MTSU students and placement is based on auditions held each semester.

Chamber Winds

The Middle Tennessee State University Chamber Winds, conducted by Dr. Reed Thomas, Director of Bands, is a highly select group of musicians within the School of Music dedicated to the study and performance of wind literature from the Renaissance to the latest compositions. The ensemble was founded in 2003 as an outgrowth of The MTSU Wind Ensemble. Seating is rotated from piece-to-piece, and instrumentation varies, giving each composition a realization best representing each composer's intent. Membership is open to all MTSU students and is based upon successful audition.

Concert Band

The MTSU Concert Band is the largest concert ensemble in the instrumental program. With over 80 students enrolled, the concert band is available for all interested students who want to continue to enhance their musical outlet without having the pressures of a rigorous concert schedule or audition process. The group meets only during the spring semester on Monday evenings and they perform one concert at the end of the semester. Participation does not require an audition. Membership consists of students from across the campus as well as instrumental music education majors who are interested in playing secondary instruments. The Concert Band has the distinction of being conducted by all the band program conductors including graduate students who have been accepted into the MFA in conducting program.